Where can I fish in Folkestone?

Where can I fish in Folkestone?

Folkestone Pier has long been a popular fishing location in the south east of Kent England. The pier is usually bustling with anglers most of the year round. The fishing here is over very mixed ground with many anglers preferring a long cast to avoid the rocks and weeds that are close in to the pier.

What fish are being caught in Folkestone?

The following fish are caught from the pier: pollack, pouting and school bass during the summer and cod, dabs, flounders, congers, soles and a few skate during the colder months. Best baits are Dungeness lug, king rag and peeler crab.

Can you fish on Folkestone pier?

Folkestone Harbour arm is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to anglers. Anglers can fish from the gate by the lighthouse right to the shore on Monday – Wednesday. There is no fishing on Thursday or Friday and very limited numbers on weekends.

Can you fish off Herne Bay pier?

Herne Bay Pier is a typical English Victorian Seaside Style Pier attracting thousands of visitors a year. Free fishing and crabbing attracts young and old, whilst the Pier Village and fairground style attractions appeal to families.

How do I get to Warren Folkestone?

To get to The Warren from the top of the cliff, you can park at the Cliff Top Café in Capel Le Ferne and use this as your refreshment base. Alternatively, you can park at the Little Switzerland Café by the Folkestone East Cliff campsite. There are paths leading down, through the 350 metre high cliffs to the sea front.

What is the best time of day to catch mackerel?

The best time of day to catch mackerel is at dawn or dusk and at high tide. But you can catch them all day. It’s exciting stuff, mackerel fishing, especially with a full set of six lively fish on the line at once – it’ll certainly put a pleasing bend in your rod.

What fish is caught in Whitstable?

Whitstable – Marks around the harbour can be productive for silver eels, flounder, dab, lesser-spotted dogfish and school bass. Similar species are caught from the pebble beach, casting between the wooden groynes.

Is Folkestone a sandy beach?

Folkestone, Sunny Sands This popular sandy beach is located next to Folkestone Harbour. Perfect for swimming, bodyboarding, or building sand castles. It’s also a short walk from The Stade and the Harbour Arm if you want to get something to eat or drink.

Is it worth it to go fishing at Folkestone?

The fishing here is over very mixed ground with many anglers preferring a long cast to avoid the rocks and weeds that are close in to the pier. The area produces so many species each year and is definitely worth a trip if you are in the area.

What kind of fish can you catch at Folkestone pier?

The very beginning of the pier is the ideal mark for novices. The venue produces a good mix of species annually including cod, codling, plaice, dabs, sole, dogfish, smooth hound, pollack, bass, wrasse, conger, pout, whiting, mackerel, scad and garfish.

Where to go fishing on the Kent coast?

At Folkestone the fishing in the offing is very much the same as Dover. There is some railing [1] to be done over the rocky ledge near Cock Point, where, too, a few conger and pout are to be found.

What is the name of the harbour in Folkestone?

Folkestone Harbour Arm is dubbed “dabtastic” by local anglers, and this moniker is especially deserved in the winter months as the species has a liking for the mixed sand and mud sea bed around the Arm wall.

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