Where does Trey Ratcliff live now?

Where does Trey Ratcliff live now?

In 2012, he moved to Queenstown, New Zealand, before it became a trendy doomsday contingency plan. Trey has collectors of his fine art from all around the world.

Who is Trey Ratcliff?

Born on 7th July 1971, Trey Ratcliff is a writer, public speaker, artist and photographer. Ratcliff is known as the pioneer of High Dynamic Range photography. He opted for HDR photography in order to portray the scenes he wanted to capture in an extraordinary way.

What camera does Trey Ratcliff use?

Sony A5000 / A6000 Series Cameras – Two Great Lenses.

What is Charlie Waite known for?

Charlie Waite is now firmly established as one of the world’s leading Landscape photographers. He was born in 1949 and worked in British Theatre and Television for the first ten years of his professional life. Over the last twenty-five years, he has lectured throughout the UK, Europe and the US.

What was the lawsuit that Starbucks was sued for?

The man alleged that Starbucks cheated customers by adding ice to cold beverages, thereby reducing the amount of liquid contained in the cups. His suit sought damages for numerous offenses, including fraud, breach of express warranty, unjust enrichment, and violations of various state consumer protection laws.

What was the lawsuit that Showtime was sued for?

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images. In 2014, a New York woman sued Showtime Networks, CBS Outdoor Americas, the City of New York, and two transit authorities for an injury she sustained in a fall triggered by a scary poster. The woman claimed she was on a staircase in Grand Central Terminal when she spotted an ad for the TV show “Dexter.”

Are there any frivolous lawsuits in the insurance industry?

Marianne Bonner, CPCU, ARM, worked in the insurance industry for 30 years. Now she consults and writes about commercial insurance. While frivolous lawsuits aren’t uncommon in today’s litigious environment, some stand out because they are so preposterous. Here are seven examples.

What was the lawsuit against the Hershey Company?

A Missouri man attempted to initiate a class-action lawsuit against the Hershey Company, claiming the boxes of Reese’s Pieces and Whoppers candies he’d purchased contained too much air. The man had been buying the candies for at least a decade and the amount of air in the boxes hadn’t changed.

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