Where is alagasco located?

Where is alagasco located?

Alabama Gas Corporation, known as Alagasco was the largest natural gas utility in the north and central part of Alabama. It was headquartered in Birmingham and at its peak provided natural gas energy to 460,000 homes and businesses….Alagasco.

Type Subsidiary of Spire Inc
Website http://www.alagasco.com/

How do I contact Spire?

Contact SPIRE Call us during business hours or fill out the form below anytime. 651.215. 3500 or 888.34. SPIRE.

What services does spire offer?

Spire Marketing Services

  • Natural Gas Sales.
  • Asset Management.
  • Risk Management.
  • Trading and Optimization.
  • Producer Services.

What is the gas company in St Louis?

Laclede Gas Company
Laclede Gas Company is the largest natural gas distribution utility in Missouri, serving approximately 632,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the city of St. Louis and ten counties in eastern Missouri.

What happened to Alagasco?

The gas utility known as Alagasco for 150-some years officially rebranded as Spire Monday following the 2014 purchase by a St. The company said the it is now the fifth-largest publicly traded natural gas utility in the United States. Spire has 3,300 employees nationwide.

How do I pay my Cspire bill over the phone?

Dial #PAY. Just dial #PAY (#729) from your C Spire phone.

What is spire like to work for?

In Spire, employees say they feel trusted and respected by their manager and they feel confident in their leadership. We encourage employees to share our value of investing in the future, by investing in their own learning and development to build their skills for the future.

Where does St Louis get its electricity?

Louis, a city that still gets about 95 percent of its power from utilities that burn fossil fuels and from nuclear power. The latter represents about 20% of the local utility’s energy portfolio.

How long does it take to turn gas on?

Natural gas providers usually take one week to process your request.

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