Where is Mobil located in Nigeria?

Where is Mobil located in Nigeria?

Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc

Company Name Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc
Head Office Mobil House Lekki Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos. P. M. B. 12054, Lagos. Tel: 234-01-2621640, 2621660, 2801600 Fax: 234-01-2801607 Cable: Mobil Oil Telex: 22608 and 21228 www.exxonmobil.com

Where is ExxonMobil located in Nigeria?

ExxonMobil affiliates currently have seven main offices in Nigeria: two offices in Lagos State (Victoria Island and Apapa), two in Rivers State (at Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne) and Bonny River Terminal), two in Akwa Ibom, (at Uyo and Qua Iboe Terminal), and one in Abuja.

When did Mobil started in Nigeria?

Mobil Producing Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria. The company commenced operations in Nigeria in 1955 under the name Mobil Exploration Nigeria Incorporated (MENI).

Who is the owner of Mobil filling station in Nigeria?

Tunji Oyebanji is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mobil Oil Nigeria.

Who is the owner of Mobil Oil?

Mobil/Parent organizations

Is ExxonMobil the same as Mobil?

Mobil (originally Standard Oil Company of New York and then Socony-Vacuum Oil Company) was a major American oil company that merged with Exxon in 1999 to form a parent company called “ExxonMobil”….Mobil.

Formerly Standard Oil Company of New York (1911–31) Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. (1931–63) Mobil (1963–99)
Owner ExxonMobil

Which company is 11 PLC in Nigeria?

11 PLC is the sole authorized distributor of Mobil fuel and lubricant brands in Nigeria and continues to posts superior returns to its shareholders. She is committed to lead the oil industry in efficiency, brand image and safety.

What happened to Mobil oil?

In 2017, the company announced that it would merge with JX Group to form JXTG Holdings, with its petroleum business operating as JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy. Following the merger, it was announced that both the Esso and Mobil brands would be phased out by 2020, and replaced by the JX-originated Eneos banner.

How did Eket local government area get its name?

Eket is one of the 31 Local Government Areas in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. The name, Eket also refers to the indigenous ethnic group of the region and to their language. The natives refer to themselves and their language as Ekid but the Europeans spelt the name as “Eket”.

How big is Eket Akwa Ibom local government area?

The Office of the Surveyor-General of Akwa Ibom State estimates the area of the Eket Local Government Area to be approximately 176.000 square Km while the 2006 National Census gives the population of the Local Government Area as 172,856.

Where can I find ExxonMobil assets in Nigeria?

ExxonMobil Nigeria has regular disposals of surplus materials and assets. To participate in Company disposal bid events, please contact the Global Inventory Management Team (Investment Recovery Group) on [email protected] .

Where did the Eket afaha and Ekid Offiong migrate from?

Common among the oral histories of migration of Eket Afaha and Ekid Offiong clans is the fact that they migrated from Usak Edet in the present-day Cameroons through various routes to their current locations.

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