Which railway station is near to airport?

Which railway station is near to airport?

Bangalore City Railway station
If you need to reach by the Bangalore airport, and then want to drop by at the nearest railway station to the airport, then it is the Bangalore City Railway station. It is at an approximate distance of 28 km from the airport and it is going to take a maximum 35 to 40 minutes to get to the airport from there via road.

Which Goa is near to airport?

Airport Near Panaji, Goa, India

Airport Name City Distance
Dabolim Airport Vasco da Gama 11.4 km
Belgaum Airport Belgaum 93.86 km
Hubli Airport Hubli 134.83 km
Kolhapur Airport 140.1 km

How can I go to Goa from Goa airport?

Goa Airport has the following transportation options available:

  1. Bus. Dabolim Airport is served by local buses.
  2. Taxi. Get within 45 minutes to Panaji city centre by taxi.
  3. SHUTTLE Bus. There is a shuttle bus between Goa Airport, Calangute and Panaji.
  4. Railway.
  5. Car Rental.

Is Goa airport functional?

The airport is now a civil enclave jointly owned by the State Government of Goa and the Indian Navy and is used for passenger traffic as well as naval aircrafts. Located at an important tourist destination, the Goa International Airport is well-connected to a number of cities in India.

How many airport are there in Goa?

There are two terminals with 64 check-in counters, 16 immigration counters for departures, 9 immigration counters for arrivals, 12 security check booths and six customs counters. Goa airport ranks among the top ten in the country in terms of passenger traffic….Location Details.

Longitude: 73° 49′ 59” E

Are buses operating in Goa?

There are bus services operating from Goa to most towns and cities in neighbouring states, such as Mumbai, Pune, Belgaum, Hubli, Bangalore, Mangalore etc. at fairly regular intervals throughout the day.

Which is the nearest train station to Goa?

Thus Goa by train is also well knitted by broad gauge railway that connects the state with major cities in India. If you are coming to Goa by airways then the nearest international airport is located at Dabolim.

Which is the best airport to visit in Goa?

Goa International Airport, also known as Dabolim Airport is the unique airport that serves the Touristic region of Goa, India. The airport is located 29 km / 18 miles SW of Panaji, 4 km / 2½ Miles SE of Vasco de Gama. The airport is not very big and it does not have the same transport facilities that the major airports in India.

Which is the closest railway station to Vasco da Gama?

If you want to board a train to get straight to both Vasco da Gama and Margao Railway Stations, it is needed to transfer to the closest railway station. Which is the closest railway station? The closest railway station is Dabolim Railway Station, located at just 1 km from Goa Airport.

Which is the road from Mangalore to Goa?

Anyways one who is planning to hit the highway from Mangalore has to drive down the coastal highway, the National Highway 17, which connects Mangalore to Goa en route State Highway 7. The approximate distance from Mangalore to Goa is 360kms.

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