Who decided to decommission the Royal Yacht?

Who decided to decommission the Royal Yacht?

A Sombre Farewell. On 23 June 1994, John Major’s Government announced there would be no refit for HMY Britannia as the costs would be too great. After a long and successful career spanning 44 years and travelling over 1 million miles around the globe, it was announced that the last Royal Yacht was to be decommissioned.

When was the Royal Britannia decommissioned?

Britannia was the first Royal Yacht to be built with complete ocean-going capacity and designed as a Royal residence to entertain guests around the world. When she was decommissioned in 1997, it marked the end of a long tradition of British Royal Yachts, dating back to 1660 and the reign of Charles II.

What happened to the Royal Yacht in 1997?

In 1997 HMY Britannia was decommissioned and not replaced. Since 1998, following a successful national tender process, the Royal Yacht Britannia has been berthed permanently at the Port of Leith in Edinburgh. There are currently no British royal yachts, although MV Hebridean Princess has been used by the Royal Family.

Who owns the Royal Yacht Britannia?

Royal Yacht Enterprises Ltd
The Trust has a wholly owned trading subsidiary, Royal Yacht Enterprises Ltd (registered in Scotland No. 185472), which undertakes its trading activities, primarily the retail and catering operations associated with visiting Britannia, as well as hosting evening events and private tours.

Can you eat on the Royal Yacht Britannia?

You can enjoy freshly prepared, homemade food, stunning views and a warm welcome. The menu includes speciality coffees and cocktails, tasty soups and sandwiches and mouth-watering cakes and scones, all made on board in our Royal Galley.

Does Queen Elizabeth have a royal yacht?

The Royal Yacht Britannia served the Queen for 44 years from its launch on April 16th, 1953 until it was decommissioned in 1997.

Can you eat on The Royal Yacht Britannia?

Do the Royals sleep on the royal train?

Inside the Royal Train During their three-day whistlestop tour of the UK Kate and William will be sleeping in separate beds on the train. The Royal Train’s suite has “his and hers” single beds. Other features include a private bathtub and a 12-seat dining room — complete with a Formica table.

When was the last time the Britannia was decommissioned?

Britannia was decommissioned on 11 December 1997. The Queen, normally undemonstrative, is reported to have shed a tear at the decommissioning ceremony that was attended by most of the senior members of the Royal Family.

Is the Royal Yacht Britannia still in Portsmouth?

The Royal Yacht Britannia – built in 1953 – is being decommissioned in Portsmouth on Thursday. The occasion will be marked by the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, who will have their final lunch on board before attending the official paying-off ceremony. Britannia’s future was a talking-point in the run-up to the 1997 general election.

When was the last time a royal yacht was decommissioned?

After a long and successful career spanning 44 years and travelling over 1 million miles around the globe, it was announced that the last Royal Yacht was to be decommissioned. There was no immediate decision about a replacement, but the question of a new Royal Yacht became a political issue in the run up to the 1997 General Election.

What was the purpose of the HMY Britannia?

Once deemed an official Royal residence it has been used for state visits and official receptions, in addition it has been used for Royal family holidays and for the honeymoons of several Royal couples. In this post I will discuss the history of Britannia from the time of the ship’s launch in 1953 to decommission in 1997.

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