Who died in February 2004?

Who died in February 2004?

Cornelius Bumpus, 58, American musician (The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan). Sam Fullbrook, 81, Australian artist.

What is special about 24th February?

This Day in History: February 24 On this day in 1868, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 126–47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson, whose lenient Reconstruction policies regarding the South after the Civil War angered Radical Republicans in Congress. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Who died today 2004?

Celebrity Deaths 2004

Bob Keeshan January 23 Paul Winfield March 7 Pat Tillman April 22
Tony Randall May 17 President Ronald Reagan June 5 Janet Leigh October 3
Rodney Dangerfield October 5 Christopher Reeve October 10 Jerry Orbach December 28

What national day is it on Feb 24?

National Tortilla Chip Day
National Tortilla Chip Day, a day set aside for the crunchy snack loved by millions across the nation, is observed annually on February 24th.

Who was born on 24 February?

More celebrities with birthdays today Actor Jenny O’Hara is 79. Singer-writer-producer Rupert Holmes is 74. Actor Debra Jo Rupp is 70. Actor Helen Shaver is 70. News anchor Paula Zahn is 65.

What famous golfer died in 2004?

Michael Christie
Michael Christie (June 25, 1969 – April 22, 2004) was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour and NGA Hooters Tour….Michael Christie (golfer)

Michael Christie
Personal information
Died April 22, 2004 (aged 34) Greenville, South Carolina
Nationality United States

Who died in January 2004?

Séamus Egan, 80, Irish judge and barrister, died in 2004. Bob Keeshan, 76, American actor, starred as “Captain Kangaroo”. Vasili Mitrokhin, 81, Soviet/Russian/British KGB-officer and defector. Helmut Newton, 83, German-born Australian photographer.

What is February month known for?

February is full of romance and food, and many of the days celebrated in national- month events during February are food-oriented. However, February also hosts women’s history and Black history month, two important causes that many businesses and non-profits can easily play into.

Who are some famous people that died in 2004?

Jan 19 David Hookes, Australian cricketer and coach, dies at 48 Jan 20 Guinn Smith, American athlete (1948 Olympic gold medalist), dies of emphysema at 83 Jan 21 Yordan Radichkov, Bulgarian writer and playwright (The Tied Up Balloon), dies at 74

How often has a Dodge Ram engine died?

Prior to today this probably has happened three other times in the last few months. I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 hemi, for the past 3 years the check engine light has been on and this truck stalls and dies out at any given moment.

When did my Dodge Ram stall while driving?

Enter your zip code: On 8/13/16: I was driving around a corner and then had to slow for a yield when the truck stalled, no brakes, no steering. Thankfully I was on a small side road and was able to roll to a stop. I waited a few minutes started it by reving the gas. It happened again same day.

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