Who is Alex Forsyth?

Who is Alex Forsyth?

Alexander Forsyth (born 5 February 1952) is a Scottish former footballer who played as a right-back. Born in Swinton, Lanarkshire, he played for Partick Thistle, Manchester United, Rangers, Motherwell, Hamilton Academical, Queen of the South and Blantyre Victoria.

Who is Emma Simpson?

Emma Simpson is a news correspondent for the BBC. She’s a business correspondent based at the Business and Economics Unit at New Broadcasting House in London. Nomia first joined the BBC in December 2008, and was named BBC Washington correspondent in August 2020.

Who is the BBC chief political correspondent?

Robert Adam Fleming (born 2 April 1980) is a Scottish journalist and chief political correspondent for BBC News.

How many correspondents Does the BBC have?

The service maintains 50 foreign news bureaus with more than 250 correspondents around the world. Fran Unsworth has been director of news and current affairs since January 2018. The department’s annual budget is in excess of £350 million; it has 3,500 staff, 2,000 of whom are journalists.

Who are the BBC newsreaders?


  • Kevin Connolly – Europe Correspondent – Brussels.
  • Andrew Plant – Brussels / Bristol (Normally based)
  • Hugh Schofield – Paris.
  • Lucy Williamson – Paris.
  • Imogen Foulkes — Geneva.
  • Jenny Hill – Berlin.
  • Damien McGuinness – Berlin.
  • Mark Lowen – Rome.

Where is Emma Simpson from?

Time period Emma Mills (née Simpson; September 17, 1849 – 1917) was the daughter of Robert and Mrs. Simpson. She grew up in Gordonsville, Virginia, where her father owned a plantation.

Who is the new BBC assistant political editor?

Vicki Young (born 7 November 1970) is a British journalist. She has been the deputy political editor of BBC News since October 2020.

Is Katya Adler German?

Adler was born on 3 May 1972 in Hampstead, London, to parents of German origin. She studied German and Italian at the University of Bristol. During her course, in her year abroad, she undertook a number of work placements including at Blue Danube Radio, Reuters, NBC in Turkey, and at the Rome offices of The Times.

Who presents BBC at 5am?

Huw Edwards
The BBC News at Five is an hour-long daily news programme broadcast at 5:00pm on BBC News. The programme is fronted by Huw Edwards, the BBC’s lead presenter for major breaking news, and Jane Hill on Friday.

What age is Joanna Gosling?

50 years (January 5, 1971)
Joanna Gosling/Age

How old is Norman Smith?

62 years (April 30, 1959)
Norman Smith/Age

How old is Katie Adler?

49 years (May 3, 1972)
Katya Adler/Age

When did Alex Forsyth start working for the BBC?

Alex Forsyth is a British journalist. She is currently working as a political correspondent for BBC News. Alex started her journalism career in June 2006. She first worked as a political reporter for the News Portsmouth. After working for about 4 years, Alex joined BBC News as a political reporter in April 2010.

How tall is Alex Forsyth from BBC News?

She is 5 feet and 8 inches tall. The career of Alex Forsyth She began her career as a political reporter for the News Portsmouth. She worked there for 4 years before joining BBC News both as a political correspondent and reporter in April 2010.

Where did Alex Forsyth go to high school?

Prior to this Forsyth worked in marketing for a sixth-form college before studying politics at Portsmouth University and completing her NCTJ prelim exams. During the BBC’s Vote 2014 coverage, Alex reported live from Kingston in Surrey.

Who is the political correspondent for the BBC?

Alex Forsyth is an English Political Correspondent at BBC News. Moreover, Alex Forsyth has already remained a Political reporter, Middle East Correspondent, and Political Correspondent for BBC News, BBC Global News Limited, and BBC Newsnight respectively. Before joining BBC News, Forsyth also served as the Political Editor for The News Portsmouth.

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