Who is the Fixx touring with?

Who is the Fixx touring with?

The English Beat
The Fixx are joining up with fellow early-’80s vets The English Beat for a fall tour. Dates kick off October 18 in Dallas and include stops in Austin, Orlando, Nashville, NYC, Tarrytown, Kent, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Phoenix, and more.

Is the Fixx still touring?

The Fixx is not due to play near your location currently – but they are scheduled to play 13 concerts across 1 country in 2021-2022.

What happened to the band The Fixx?

More than 30 years after the release of its first album, “Shuttered Room,” the Fixx — whose members are Curnin, Rupert Greenall, Adam Woods, Dan Brown, and Jamie West-Oram — continues to be an active recording band.

Is Duran Duran on tour?

Duran Duran is currently touring across 4 countries and has 10 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Isle of Wight Festival in Newport, after that they’ll be at Touch The Sunrise in Ibiza. See all your opportunities to see them live below!

Where does Cy Curnin live?

Santa Cruz
When not touring the world with The Fixx, Curnin lives in Santa Cruz, California creating new music.

Who produced the Fixx?

Rupert Hine, who produced two RUSH albums, as well as releases from The Fixx, Howard Jones, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, and more, has died at the age of 72.

Who is the lead singer of The Fixx?

Cyril John Curnin
Cyril John Curnin (born 12 December 1957, Wimbledon, England) is a singer/songwriter and musician and is the lead vocalist for the new wave music group, the Fixx.

What genre was the Fixx?

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Are Duran Duran touring in 2021?

Duran Duran was scheduled to play British Summer Time 2021, but the festival was postponed with the band set to play at BST 2022 in Hyde Park alongside Nile Rodgers + Chic. Along with BST, the band also confirmed appearances at Lytham Festival and Rock In Rio Lisboa for 2022.

Why did Andy leave Duran Duran?

In 2001, the original members of Duran Duran agreed to reunite to record a new album. But money and creative issues delayed the release of what would become Astronaut. After a second reunion album attempt failed, Andy Taylor left Duran Duran again in 2007.

Who is the singer for The Fixx?

Cy Curnin
The Fixx/Singers

What country is the Fixx from?

London, United Kingdom
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