Who is the greatest point guard in NBA history?

Who is the greatest point guard in NBA history?

Top 10 best point guards in NBA history

  1. Magic Johnson.
  2. Steph Curry.
  3. Oscar Robertson.
  4. John Stockton.
  5. Russell Westbrook.
  6. The rugged 6’4″ point guard made the playoffs 17 times in his 19-year career and made three trips to the NBA Finals before eventually winning it all in 2011 with the plucky Dallas Mavericks.
  7. Jason Kidd.

Is Oscar Robertson the best point guard of all time?

During his 14-year NBA career with the Cincinnati Royals and the Milwaukee Bucks, Robertson became the top-scoring guard of all time, amassing 26,710 points, which ranks 12th in NBA history.

Is Steph Curry the best point guard of all time?

Stephen Curry is regarded as the greatest 3-point shooter in the game, but the former All-star believes that Curry is the best point guard in the game.

Who’s the best shooting guard of all time?

Ranking The Top 25 Greatest Shooting Guards Of All Time

  • George Gervin. Championships: 0.
  • James Harden. (via Hoops Habit)
  • Clyde Drexler. Championships: 1.
  • Allen Iverson. Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.
  • Jerry West. (via Sports Illustrated)
  • Dwyane Wade. Championships: 3.
  • Kobe Bryant. Championships: 5.
  • Michael Jordan. Championships: 6.

Who is the second greatest point guard of all time?

Russell Westbrook
After last night’s 154-141 victory over the Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks called Russell Westbrook the second-best point guard in NBA history behind Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

Who is the goat point guard?

Appearing on TNT’s NBA Twitter Live, two-time All-Star Isaiah Thomas explained why he named Curry as the greatest point guard to step foot in the NBA.

Who’s the best point guard of all time?

1. Magic Johnson. Without a doubt, Magic is by himself as the best point guard ever. Magic was the architect behind 5 NBA championships with the Lakers and even managed to capture 3 Finals MVPs.

Who defends Steph Curry the best?

Most recently, Facundo Campazzo was tasked with not only defending Curry but getting under his skin. Campazzo has been widely credited for his pest-like defense, and it’s a big reason why the Denver Nuggets signed him during the offseason.

What are the top 10 point guards in the NBA?

is surely one of the best NBA point guards too.

  • currently plays for the National Basketball Association franchise Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Russell Westbrook.
  • Kyrie Irving.
  • Damian Lillard.
  • Kyle Lowry.
  • John Wall.
  • Who is the best NBA point guard of all time?

    The Surprising List Of Top 10 All-Time Scoring Point Guards 10. Magic Johnson – 17,707 Points 9. Lenny Wilkens – 17,772 Points 8. Calvin Murphy – 17,947 Points 7. Dave Bing – 18,327 Points 6. Tony Parker – 18,441 Points 5. Isiah Thomas – 18,822 Points 4. John Stockton – 19,711 Points 3. Gary Payton – 21,813 Points 2. Jerry West – 25,192 Points

    Who is the worst point guard in the NBA?

    Top 5 Worst Starting Point Guards In The NBA 5. Mike James, Suns 4. Jarrett Jack , Knicks 3. Elfrid Payton , Magic 2. Spencer Dinwiddie , Nets 1. Jerian Grant , Bulls

    What is the best point guard in the NBA?

    NBA position rankings: The top point guards entering 2018-19 25. Isaiah Thomas – Denver Nuggets 24. Dennis Smith Jr . – Dallas Mavericks 23. Rajon Rondo – Los Angeles Lakers 22. Dejounte Murray – San Antonio Spurs 21. D’Angelo Russell – Brooklyn Nets 20. Reggie Jackson – Detroit Pistons 19. Jeff Teague – Minnesota Timberwolves

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