Who makes Freedom trailer?

Who makes Freedom trailer?

2021 Freedom Trailers Sold by: Trailer Country, Inc. NEW 8.5 x 24 ENCLOSED CARHAULER/CARGO TRAILER Up for your consideration is a Brand New HEAVY DUTY Model 8.5 x 24 Tandem Axle, Enclosed Carhauler Trailer.

How much does a freedom trailer weigh?

Savings: $200

Condition: new
Model: FD 7X16TA2-VN3
Floor Length: 16′ or 192.00″
Width: 0′ 7″ or 7.00″
Weight: 2260 lbs

What is the best enclosed trailer brand?

Top Enclosed Trailer Brands

  • Look. The Look trailer brand has focused their time on becoming the best trailer brand instead of the biggest.
  • Haulmark.
  • Continental Cargo.
  • Pace American.
  • Diamond Cargo.

Where are diamond cargo trailers made?

Douglas, GA
We are family owned and conveniently located about 50 miles east of I-75 in Douglas, GA. At Diamond Cargo, we manufacture enclosed cargo trailers, which we sell to licensed dealerships ONLY.

Where are anvil trailers made?

Douglas, Georgia
Anvil cargo trailers are skillfully manufactured at the high tech Anvil Trailer factory in Douglas, Georgia by trained craftsmen with years of experience in the trailer industry.

Are enclosed trailers worth it?

Enclosed trailers are worth the investment and many trailer forums rave about the overall utility and convenience. However, if you are heavily restricted by finances, an open trailer is still worth the money and those same forums suggest owning both types of trailers.

Does v nose trailer make a difference?

V-nose will probably net you better mileage. However, all things being equal, a 16′ v-nose will have less usable interior space than a 16′ flat-nose.

How much does a cargo trailer cost?

Typical costs: An enclosed cargo trailer (a rectangular box with a roof and four sides, mounted on one or two axles) costs $1,000-$4,000 for a single-axle trailer up to 7’x14′ and 4′-7′ tall. Expect to pay $3,000-$15,000 or more for a dual-axle enclosed cargo trailer depending on size, materials and options.

Are anvil trailers any good?

Anvil is one of the best-made trailers around. From the tubular steel construction and finishing touches, you can’t beat Anvil’s quality. As a result, if you are looking for quality and strength in a trailer, Anvil is the right choice for you!

Where are spartan trailers made?

Manufactured in Tulsa by Spartan Aircraft Co., the Spartan Manor, like most Spartan trailers, had a birch wood interior with built-in appliances, furniture, tables and chairs.

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