Who owns Quality Bicycle Products?

Who owns Quality Bicycle Products?

Steve Flagg
Company History Steve Flagg and Mary Henrickson founded Quality Bicycle Products in 1981 in a small office in St. Paul, MN. QBP was early to import hard-to-find mountain bike parts from suppliers in Japan, and business took off.

Where is QBP located?

Bloomington, MN
QBP’s headquarters in Bloomington, MN, and their Ogden, UT, distribution center are both LEED Gold certified. Building this way reflects the company’s values of good citizenship. QBP is well known in the bicycle industry for its dedication to customers, employees, community and environment.

Is QBP a public company?

QBP also participates in activities which support its community through cycling advocacy and green building….Quality Bicycle Products.

Type Private
Number of employees 690 (2015)
Website www.qbp.com

Are surly and salsa the same company?

Salsa and Surly are the same company: QBP. They’re out of Minnisota and your LHT was made at the same factory in Taiwan as your Fargo. And to top it off they’re the largest bicycle accessory/component wholesaler in the USA, so you can bet that everything else you bought from that LBS came from them too.

What company owns all city bikes?

Quality Bicycle Products
Quality Bicycle Products, owner of All-City, Surly bike brands, lays off 12 percent of staff – Minneapolis / St.

What does Qbp stand for?


Acronym Definition
QBP Quality and Business Planning
QBP QoS at Boundary Point
QBP Quadtree Backprojection
QBP Qualified for Ballot Placement

Is Salsa a good bike brand?

Are Salsa Bikes good? Yes, Salsa bikes are very good. These are top-of-the-line bicycles with high-quality Shimano and SRAM parts and durable frames. They’re made to handle a lot of abuse in harsh off-road conditions.


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