Who played Jeyne Westerling?

Who played Jeyne Westerling?

Oona Chaplin
Jeyne Westerling is the eldest daughter of Lord Gawen Westerling and Lady Sybell Spicer. In the television adaptation Game of Thrones her character is replaced by Talisa Maegyr of Volantis, played by Oona Chaplin.

Did Robb Stark Love Jeyne Westerling?

In the Books In A Storm of Swords, Robb Stark and Jeyne Westerling fall in love, despite the fact that he is betrothed to an unnamed Frey girl. They first had sex when she comforted him, as he believed his brothers to be dead. When Robb Stark was killed at the Red Wedding, Jeyne was pardoned by the Iron Throne.

What happened to Jane Westerling?

So Jeyne Westerling stays by Robb’s side as he recovers and, wouldn’t you know it, they end up sleeping together (after Robb receives the very sexy news that his little brothers have been murdered). Ashamed of this dishonorable act, Robb marries Jeyne right away.

Is Robb Starks wife pregnant?

Talisa and Robb as man and wife. Robb and Talisa make their marriage public, to the disapproval of Catelyn Stark, and the disappointment of their former ally Walder Frey. Shortly after she asks Robb if he will come to Volantis with her so that her family can meet him… and their child, revealing that she is pregnant.

Was Westerlings on the Red Wedding?

The Westerlings were never in on the Red Wedding at all. If Jeyne’s mother Sybelle had known what was going to happen, she would not have allowed her son Raynald to go to the Wedding, where he was killed.

What happens to Robb Starks wife?

Queen Talisa Stark, née Maegyr, was a healer on the battlefields of the Westerlands, where she met the King in the North, Robb Stark, fell in love with him, and eventually married him. She was killed at the Red Wedding.

Why is Robb Stark married to Jeyne Westerling?

King Robb Stark refers to Queen Jeyne Westerling to defend his wife and Jeyne’s namesake, Jeyne Westerling, when his mother Catelyn Stark discusses with him how his marriage to Jeyne has slighted the honor of House Frey. ↑ 1.0 1.1 See the Jeyne Westerling calculation.

Who is Robb Stark’s wife in A Song of Ice and Fire?

{ Robb Stark } Jeyne Westerling is a lady of House Westerling and the first daughter of Lord Gawen Westerling. She was the wife of King Robb Stark.

How does Jeyne Westerling try to be a good wife?

Jeyne tries hard to be a good wife for Robb, although she is worried about the pressure he is under as king. On the advice of Robb’s mother, Catelyn Stark, Jeyne tries to be patient and understanding. Robb for his part is able to smile and be temporarily without worries when he is in her company.

Who is Jeyne Westerling’s mother in ice and fire?

During the westerlands expedition of Robb, now the King in the North, his army storms the Crag, the ancestral keep of House Westerling. Since Robb is wounded by an arrow, Jeyne’s mother, Sybell, and uncle, Ser Rolph Spicer, encourage the girl to nurse the Young Wolf.

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