Who raised George Jung daughter?

Who raised George Jung daughter?

Jung’s survivors include a daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung, who was raised by her mother, Mirtha (Calderon) Jung, Mr. Jung’s former wife. Kristina’s daughter, Athena Karan, died in a car accident in January. She was 19.

Was Mirtha Jung Colombian?

While Mirtha is of Cuban descent she met Jung in Columbia during one of the parties. She is the first wife of George Jung and greatly influenced in his drug trafficking activities from Columbia to the United States. Mirtha was much younger than George Jung when they met.

Did George Jung see his daughter?

While in prison, did George Jung’s daughter ever come to visit him? The movie’s concluding epilogue claims “Kristina Sunshine Jung has not yet visited her father”.

Did George Jung remarry?

Mirtha Jung and George Jung They dated each other for a few years before they got married in 1977. After the divorce, George married Ronda Clay Spinelli. It is not clear whether Mirtha remarried or found another husband after her divorce. George currently lives in San Diego with Ronda.

What does Kristina Sunshine Jung Do?

What does she do now? Kristina is an entrepreneur and a lesser-known actor. She runs a clothing business called BG Apparel and Merchandise, which she used to run with her late father. Kristina is reportedly working on a book about her mother, which is expected to be released soon.

Did Christina ever visit George?

While it’s unclear if Kristina Sunshine Jung ever visited her father in prison, photos confirm that the two reconnected when he got out. It appears that George and Kristina reconciled their relationship and were able to spend some quality time together before his death.

Was Derek Foreal a real person?

But Derek Foreal – whose real name was Richard Barile – has remained shrouded in powdery mystery, as the Connecticut native had already faded into a quiet life outside of the limelight long before the infamous movie hit theaters just over 16 years ago.

Where is George Jung now 2021?

Jung had been suffering from liver and kidney failure and was receiving hospice care when he died on May 5, 2021, at his Weymouth, Massachusetts home.

How much was George Jung worth at his peak?

George’s net worth was estimated at over $100 million at the peak of his career, but with the fall out of the Medellin cartel and the arrest of George, he was left penniless after 20 years in prison.

Where is Christina Sunshine Jung?

Who raised Kristina Sunshine Jung?

Sunshine was raised by her grandparents, Ermine and Federick Jung. They did a great job of taking good care of George Jung’s daughter. Unfortunately, all these came to an end after the death of her grandfather. She was sent to live with her aunt Marie Jung until she was 18 years old.

How old is George Jung’s daughter Kristina Sunshine?

Kristina was born on August 1, 1978, and is the daughter of the late drug trafficker George Jung. The 42-year-old had an unstable childhood due to the drug-related history of both of her parents and was raised predominantly by her grandparents and aunt.

Who is the ex wife of George Jung?

Mirtha Calderon popularly recognized as Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of George Jung and mother of Kristina Sunshine Jung. She was part of Medellin Cartel alongside her husband which was responsible for 85% of drugs smuggled in the United States during 70’s and 80’s.

Who is Mirtha Jung and what did she do?

Mirtha Jung is not very popular personality, in fact, people search for her as they are interested about famous drug lord George Jung. George Jacob Jung also known by nickname Boston George and El Americano, smuggled cocaine and was a major player in cocaine trade during 70′ and early 80’s.

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