Who used to present Robot Wars?

Who used to present Robot Wars?

Jeremy Clarkson presented the first series, with Craig Charles taking over for the second to seventh series. Philippa Forrester co-hosted the first three series, the fifth, sixth and Extreme 2. Forrester also hosted the spin-off series Robot Wars Revealed from 1998 to 1999.

What is the best robot in Robot Wars?

Ranked: The 25 best robots from Robot Wars

  1. Razer (Returning for 2016) Featured in: Seasons 2 to 6.
  2. Sir Killalot (House Robot) Featured in: Seasons 2 to 7.
  3. Chaos 2. Featured in: Seasons 3 to 6.
  4. Roadblock. Featured in: Seasons 1 to 2.
  5. Hypno-Disc. Featured in: Seasons 3 to 6.
  6. Panic Attack.
  7. Firestorm.
  8. Cassius.

Does Robot Wars still exist?

Last Aired Robot Wars is a British television game show which was originally broadcast from 1998 until 2004, and was revived in 2016 to continue for three additional series. The idea of Robot Wars came from a US-based robot combat competition which ran from 1994 until 1997.

What are the rules of Robot Wars?

The robot must be able to be activated and de-activated by way of the removable link from outside the arena. Voltage must not exceed 75V for direct current or 50V for alternating current. Note that batteries may have a higher voltage during charging and care must be taken not to exceed these limits.

Will there be Robot Wars series 11?

Robot Wars is dead again. After three series, the BBC has announced that the revival is over and the show will not be returning.

Who are the competitors in Robot Wars UK?

For a list of UK Series competitors from the non-heavyweight weight classes, see Non-Heavyweight UK Series Competitors. This is a list of all competitor robots to have appeared in the UK series of Robot Wars. This includes all ten main UK series and both series of Robot Wars Extreme.

How many Robot Wars series have there been?

To suite its specific audience, three more Robot Wars series were produced for the American, Dutch and German audience. Below is a list of all competitors in all these series. Red backgrounds denote robots that never competed in the US Championship, but competed in side events

When does the second season of Robot Wars start?

The Second Wars also enjoyed a repeat run on Challenge in May/June 2014, before Challenge began showing repeats of Series 5 in November 2015, Series 6 in January 2016 and Series 7 in March 2016. H2 also started repeating Series 3 and 4 in January 2016.

What happens in the semi finals of Robot Wars 7?

The winners of each second round battle would then face each other in the Heat Final, the winner of which would advance to the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Finals of Series 7 reverted to the same format as those in Series 3 and Series 4, consisting of two rounds of one-on-one battles between the heat winners.

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