Who was the German ambassador to Mexico in 1917?

Who was the German ambassador to Mexico in 1917?

Heinrich von Eckhardt
On This Page. In January 1917, British cryptographers deciphered a telegram from German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann to the German Minister to Mexico, Heinrich von Eckhardt, offering United States territory to Mexico in return for joining the German cause.

What did Germany say to Mexico in ww1?

The decoded telegram was follows: We intend to begin on the first of February unrestricted submarine warfare. We shall endeavor in spite of this to keep the United States of America neutral.

How was Zimmermann telegram decoded?

Each letter in the grid is replaced by two letters in the coded message. The first letter in the message is from the vertical axis and the second letter is from the horizontal axis. To decode the “Zimmermann Note”, begin by grouping each set of two letters and continue this through the entire message.

Did Germany send a telegram to Mexico?

The Zimmermann Telegram (also called the Zimmermann Note) was a telegram sent to Mexico from Germany on January 16, 1917. It was what made America enter World War I. It is named for the German man who sent it, Arthur Zimmermann. Zimmermann was the German Foreign Secretary (took care of things with other countries).

What was the message in the Zimmerman telegram?

In the telegram, intercepted and deciphered by British intelligence in January 1917, Zimmermann instructed the ambassador, Count Johann von Bernstorff, to offer significant financial aid to Mexico if it agreed to enter any future U.S-German conflict as a German ally.

What did Germany ask Mexico for?

The Germans would provide military and financial support for a Mexican attack on the United States, and in exchange Mexico would be free to annex “lost territory in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.” In addition, Von Eckardt was told to use the Mexicans as a go-between to entice the Japanese Empire to join the German …

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