Who wrote the song Runaway Train by Soul Asylum?

Who wrote the song Runaway Train by Soul Asylum?

Dave Pirner
Ollie Marland
Runaway Train/Lyricists

When did Soul Asylum come out with Runaway Train?

More videos on YouTube Singer-songwriters Skylar Grey, Jamie N Commons and Gallant have recreated Soul Asylum’s 1993 hit, “Runaway Train,” and shared a video that might also help locate a new generation of lost children.

Was anyone from the Runaway Train video ever found?

The original video for “Runaway Train” featured 36 missing children — 21 of them were eventually found. Now, 25 years after the song debuted, geo-targeting technology will hopefully help rescue even more kids separated from their families.

What movie is the song Runaway Train in?

Music by Soul Asylum has been featured in the Sandy Wexler soundtrack and Family Guy soundtrack. Some of Soul Asylum’s most popular songs include Runaway Train, which was featured in the Family Guy soundtruck, and We 3, featured in the Chasing Amy soundtruck.

What happened Soul Asylum?

Though the band was able to find a high-profile successor in the shape of the Replacements and Guns N’ Roses bassist Tommy Stinson, his tenure in the band was temporary — and with the exit of lead guitarist Dan Murphy in 2012, the “classic” lineup of Soul Asylum was finally broken.

Who is the singer of Soul Asylum?

Dave Pirner
Soul Asylum/Singers

Vocalist/guitarist Dave Pirner will be the first one to admit that recording a Soul Asylum album can sometimes be very stressful, simply because he cares so deeply about every aspect of his songs and how the record unfolds.

Did Soul Asylum win a Grammy?

Soul Asylum won the 1994 Grammy Award for Best Rock Song for “Runaway Train”.

What happened to the lead singer of Soul Asylum?

Colin Devenish’s Most Recent Stories. Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, 41, died Friday at his home in Minneapolis after suffering from throat cancer.

Did any of the runaway train kids get found?

According to Kaye, 26 missing children were found after being featured in the video. The UK version of the video featured Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, who each went missing in 1991. Their remains were found in 2007 at a house in Margate. Peter Tobin has since been convicted of both murders.

How many kids did runaway train save?

Video for 1994 Song ‘Runaway Train’ Helped Recover 21 Missing Kids — But 11 Have Not Been Found. Before Amber Alerts and social media, there was Soul Asylum’s video of ‘Runaway Train’ airing on MTV. In the video for the 1994 hit, the band featured powerful vignettes about 36 children who have gone missing.

Who sang the song runaway?

Del Shannon

Is Soul Asylum a one hit wonder?

Released in 1992, “Runaway Train” catapulted Minneapolis band Soul Asylum to instant fame. Even though Soul Asylum remained a one-hit wonder, “Runaway Train” is a classic that any rock lover out there still knows the lyrics to.

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