Why does my sprinkler timer not work?

Why does my sprinkler timer not work?

If your sprinklers aren’t working but the timer is on, the problem could be a fuse. Open the sprinkler timer box to check the fuses; if any are broken, replace them. The problem could also be the sprinkler system’s antenna, which is often powered by a 9-volt battery. Replace the battery and see if that helps.

How do I reset my rain dial timer?

Open the battery compartment and disconnect the battery. Press and hold the Manual button in and KEEP HOLDING IT IN while performing the next step. Reconnect the ribbon cable, then release the Manual button. Note: The display should now show 12:00 AM indicating the controller has reset.

How long does a 9VDC Irritrol rain dial last?

The 9VDC battery has a very short battery life. The back-up battery becomes drained after a few hours or days even after your replaced your RD-600 / RD-900 / RD-1200 timer . The photos below show the Hardie / Irritrol terminal boards from 1991 – present including the Type “R” 20-pin connector model, which is on the right side. 4.

How to set the water run time on raindrip?

Setting the dial to “1” means that the water will come on every hour (24 starts per day). Setting the dial to “48” means that the water will come on every 48 hours (every other day). After setting the FREQUENCY dial, turn the RUN TIME dial to the desired setting. Run time is how long the water will run for, in minutes.

What to do if your sprinkler timer is not working?

If not, run through the zone settings to correct the times that the sprinklers should run. Try temporarily setting the times and days for a time very soon so you can conduct a quick test to be sure the timer is now working. After a successful test, you can reset the timer to your preferred schedule. 2. Zones Not Being Watered

Why does my Irritrol rain dial keep chattering?

The chattering is due to the solenoids opening and closing very rapidly, which will cause your drip system to pulsate water. Chattering valve YouTube video example 2 Erratic or flashing LCD display. The LCD may appear to be pulsating, fluttering, flickering, rippling, fading-in & out or rotating.

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