Why was Michael Laudrup not at Euro 92?

Why was Michael Laudrup not at Euro 92?

Following three matches in the qualification campaign for Euro 1992, Laudrup opted to quit the national team in November 1990 (alongside his brother Brian Laudrup and Jan Mølby) following differences with coach Richard Møller Nielsen. He also scored four goals in ten matches as Denmark qualified for Euro 1996.

Did Brian Laudrup win the Champions League?

During his playing career which eventually stalled due to injury, Laudrup represented a number of European clubs. He then played for German and Italian clubs, winning the 1993–94 Serie A as well as the 1994 UEFA Champions League title with Milan.

Why did Brian Laudrup retire?

Former Rangers legend Brian Laudrup has been forced to retire from football due to injury. The 31-year-old Dane has a chronic Achilles tendon injury which will prevent him fullfilling the remaining year of his contract with Dutch side Ajax. Now I’ve got more time maybe to go and watch Rangers at Ibrox.

What number was Brian Laudrup for Rangers?

Brian Laudrup Signed Rangers Shirt – Number 11.

Who won the Euro 92 final?

Denmark national football team
UEFA Euro 1992 Final/Champion

How old is Brian Laudrup?

52 years (February 22, 1969)
Brian Laudrup/Age

What number did Michael Laudrup?

Michael Laudrup

Season club
97/98 Denmark 10
96/97 Denmark 10
95/96 Denmark 10
94/95 Denmark 10

Who scored for Denmark in 1992?

Denmark needed to win their last group game in 1992, and did so, 2-1 against France after Larsen had scored.

How did Denmark qualify?

Denmark’s qualification for Euro 92 is what makes the subsequent triumph in the competition such a peculiarity, since they did not earn their place at the tournament in the traditional manner. They had finished second in their qualification group behind Yugoslavia, after winning six games, drawing one and losing one.

Where did Brian and Michael Laudrup play football?

The sons of Denmark international Finn Laudrup, Brian’s career veered in directions that Michael’s never would have, yet it also benefitted from the open doors that Michael provided for him at Brøndby, within the national team set-up, in Serie A and later at Ajax.

When did Michael Laudrup start playing for Denmark?

Laudrup made his debut for the Denmark national team on his 18th birthday in 1982, and scored 37 goals in 104 appearances. He starred in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, and from November 1994, he captained Denmark for a total of 28 matches, including the victorious 1995 Confederations Cup tournament.

How did Michael Laudrup get the ball in the net?

Laudrup lobs the ball over the goalkeeper’s head, having the presence of mind to spot the desperate defender closing rapidly from the right he checks towards this latest assailant, which to the defender must be as feared as it is unstoppable. Cutting across the defender, he sits him on the floor and rolls the ball into the now empty net.

When did Michael Laudrup get the Order of Dannebrog?

In 1999, Laudrup was voted the Best Foreign Player in Spanish Football over the preceding 25-year period and in April 2000 he was knighted, receiving the Order of the Dannebrog.

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