Why was Vauxhall Adam discontinued?

Why was Vauxhall Adam discontinued?

Vauxhall is dropping the slow-selling Adam and Viva city cars next year, as it ramps up the launch of updated or new PSA-derived models in the market’s highest-volume sectors. Vauxhall will drop the Adam from its range next year, to focus on high-volume segments.

What is the difference between the Vauxhall Adams?

The Adam Rocks is available with the 1.2-litre or 1.0-litre turbo, while the Adam Rocks Air also adds the 86hp 1.4-litre to the mix. The Adam S gets its own more powerful 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

Is the Vauxhall Adam being discontinued?

In order to contribute to the CO2 compliance and to focus on high volume segments, the Vauxhall ADAM and VIVA will not be replaced after the end of their life cycles, but will remain on sale until the end of 2019.

How reliable is a Vauxhall Adam?

Vauxhall Adam reliability In our 2016 Driver Power survey, the Vauxhall Adam finished in 64th place out of 150 cars in the overall ranking, with a 61st place ranking for reliability.

Is a Vauxhall Viva bigger than a Corsa?

Vauxhall’s bargaining on the Corsa’s far broader range (the Viva gets just one engine and two trims, the Corsa a real smorgasbord of both), slightly larger dimensions and more distinctive looks will prevent overlap between the two cars.

What replaced the Vauxhall Adam?

Vauxhall has confirmed that its Adam and Viva city cars will not be replaced at the end of their ‘life cycles’, and instead will be cut from the range in 2019.

How many miles can a Vauxhall Adam do?


Power 69 bhp
Torque 115 Nm, 85 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 128 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard 6
Miles Per Tank 418 miles

Is it worth buying a Vauxhall Adam?

Well yes, it can. The Vauxhall Adam headed up a new range of Vauxhalls that have so far culminated in the excellent new Astra. A perfect match is the 1.0-litre petrol engine, which blends decent performance with cheap running costs, a nice sound, and a weight reduction that makes the car feel more nimble.

What Insurance Group is a Vauxhall Adam?

Insurance groups The Adam 1.2-litre falls into insurance group three, while the 86bhp 1.4-litre is in group six. Choose the more powerful 1.4-litre model and the insurance rating goes up to group eight or nine depending on the exact trim level you choose.

When did they stop making Vauxhall Viva?

Vauxhall Viva
Production 1963–1979 1,516,792 produced
Assembly England: Cheshire, Ellesmere Port
Body and chassis
Class Small family car (C)

Is Viva good car?

It’s not the most spirited of cars to drive overall, unsurprisingly, but it handles tidily and grips well, despite a lot of body lean in bends taken quickly. Its steering is a bit vague, too, so this won’t inspire keener drivers, but it’s at least light and easy to use around town.

When was the Vauxhall Adam discontinued?

Opel Adam
Production 2012–2019
Model years 2013–2019
Assembly Germany: Eisenach (Opel Eisenach GmbH)
Designer Darren Luke

Why is the Vauxhall Adam called the Adam?

Before we get to any of that, there’s that name to deal with. It is so-called in homage to the founder of Opel, Vauxhall’s sister company, Adam Opel. That works with the Ferrari Enzo, but here it sounds a little odd.

What are the specs of a Vauxhall Adam?

Now you want to know all about it! With the help of Parkers, you can find out all of the key specs about the Vauxhall Adam from fuel efficiency in MPG and top speed in MPH, to running costs, dimensions, data and lots more. We have the most comprehensive specifications available online

What’s the difference between Vauxhall Adam and Corsa?

In the front of the cabin, things are pretty equal; both cars have enough head- and legroom for six-foot passengers. However, while the Adam has lots of seat and wheel adjustment as standard, on the Corsa you’ll pay extra to get seat-height and two-way wheel adjustment.

What’s the difference between the Vauxhall Jam and Slam?

Each, predictably, come with their own party pieces, but loosely the Jam is the base model, Glam has a little more glitz, while Slam sits at the sporty end. Where the Adam scores well is with a range of customisation options that make it entirely possible that you’ll never see two identical models.

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