Can I use feed corn for moonshine?

Can I use feed corn for moonshine?

It should be a good grade corn that is relatively clean. People also make moonshine out of chicken scratch feed where the corn is a lot finer, – or even horse feed, but don’t use hog feed as there is more in this than just corn.

How much sugar do you need for 5 gallons of moonshine mash?

So for a 5 gallon mash (which is recommended for your first batches of moonshine) you would use 5 gallons of water, 5 pounds of corn meal, and 5 pounds of sugar.

Can you use horse molasses to make rum?

To make homemade rum, you’ll need cane sugar or molasses. Also, molasses is used in food for pets and horses in particular. Blackstrap molasses has a caramel flavor and dense consistency. If you don’t have cane sugar, you can buy blackstrap molasses almost anywhere.

What’s the difference between whiskey and moonshine?

“Moonshine” came to be distinguished from whiskey for its illegal nature rather than it being a different type of alcohol – moonshine is just whiskey that hasn’t been taxed. Historically, the taste of moonshine was closer to vodka than it is to a dark-colored whiskey.

Is it illegal to make your own alcohol?

According to federal law, making beverage alcohol at home is illegal, plain and simple. Distilled spirits like whiskey are taxed at the highest rate of any alcohol, far more than either beer or wine.

What’s the difference between Sulphured and Unsulphured molasses?

Unsulphured, or regular molasses, is extracted from mature sugarcane. Sulphured molasses, on the other hand, is made from sugarcane that hasn’t had as much time to mature. As a result, sulfur dioxide is added to preserve the young sugarcane until it’s processes.

What does a thumper do for moonshine?

The main purpose of a thumper keg is to speed up the distillation process. It lets you distill a high-proof spirit without running it through the still multiple times. The other purpose of using a thumper keg is to add botanicals to your spirits.

How do you make sweet feed moonshine mash?

Put enough feed to cover bottom of 5 gallon bucket a good 4 inches deep, then add five pounds of sugar. Fill half full with boiling water. Mix until sugar is dissolved. Let sit for ninety minutes and then finish filling with cool water.

What kind of moonshine do you use for horse feed?

Re: horse feed moonshine. My favorite recipe for sweet feed mix is 2 1/2 pounds of corn 2 1/2 pounds of oats 5 pounds barley 1 pint fancy molasses and 7 pounds cane sugar and 0ne table spoon Red Star bakers yeast per 5 gallons of good water.

What kind of whiskey to use for moonshine mash?

Another unusual and wild moonshine mash recipe is the rye bread whiskey. You can use dark and dense pumpernickel to make your own homemade whiskey. Make sure you buy fresh instead of the ones you get at the store because there’s a huge possibility that they might have added preservatives.

How to make moonshine with sugar and molasses?

Boil 2 gallons water. Add sugar and molasses to the container. I use water coolers. Stir. Add mash. I put the mash in nylon bags. Easy to separate before distilling. Add the cooled water. When temperature is 105 °F add 8 teaspoons turbo yeast. Mix yeast in a glass with water first.

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