Did Zayn write a book?

Did Zayn write a book?


Does Zayn Malik have an autobiography?

Zayn: The Official Autobiography Hardcover – 7 December 2016.

What is Zayn’s favorite book?

Zayn’s favourite book is Harry Potter.

How many pages is Zayn’s book?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781524718732
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288

What is Zayn Malik’s book called?

Zayn: The Official Autobiography
Zayn: The Official Autobiography After five years of massive success with One Direction, ZAYN launched his career as a solo artist with Mind of Mine, becoming one of t. Global superstar ZAYN shares a photographic journey of his life since leaving One Direction.

When did Harry Styles start singing?

In 2010, when he was 16 years old, Harry competed in the seventh season of the television show The X Factor, singing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” as his audition song and Oasis’ “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” in a later round.

What is Zayn Malik afraid of?

Everyone has certain scares, and so does Zayn. The former One Direction star has aquaphobia, which means he is afraid of open waters and can’t swim, while he is also super scared of height.

Who are Zayn Malik’s parents?

Yaser Malik
Trisha Malik
His father, Yaser Malik, is English-Pakistani and his mother, Patricia (known as Tricia), is English. He has one older sister, Doniya, and two younger sisters, Waliyha and Safaa. The Malik family belongs to the Muslim faith.

What does Zayn Malik say in his autobiography?

Zayn’s autobiography features exclusive, never-before-seen photographs alongside his story. – ‘This book is my diary of a period that I would like to share with you all. I hope that there are things in the book that contextualise some of the moments and memories we have all shared together.

How old was Zayn Malik when he started one direction?

Zayn Malik was only a teenager when One Direction skyrocketed to fame, and now, six years later, he’s reflecting on an unexpected life as one of music’s biggest stars. Malik’s upcoming eponymous autobiography will encompass his journey from The X Factor to “Pillowtalk.”

When did Zayn Malik’s first album Come Out?

ZAYN signed with RCA Records and moved to Los Angeles, where he began working on his solo effort with James “Malay” Ho (Frank Ocean, Big Boi). His debut single, “Pillowtalk,” was released in late January 2016 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts and his full-length debut album Mind of Mine was released on March 25, 2016.

How many brothers and sisters does Zayn Malik have?

His father is of Pakistani descent. His mother has English, Irish, and distant Welsh, ancestry. He is an artist, he even drew some of the pictures on One Direction’s first album “Up All Night”. He has three sisters, one is older named Doniya and his younger sisters; Waliyha and Safaa.

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