Does Dead Space have cheat codes?

Does Dead Space have cheat codes?

There are several cheat codes for Dead Space. The following is a list of them on all three versions. They can only be activated in the pause menu. To enable cheat codes on the PC, an Xbox 360 controller is required.

How do you cheat in Dead Space?

Cheat List

  1. X,X,Y,Y,Y – Refill you Oxygen.
  2. X,Y,Y,X,Y – Refill your Stasis and Kinesis energy.
  3. YXYXXYXXYXXY – 5 Extra Nodes.
  4. X(3), Y, X. – 1,000 credits.
  5. Y, X(3), Y. – 2 Nodes.
  6. X(3), Y(2). – 2,000 credits.
  7. X(3), Y, X, Y. – 5,000 credits.
  8. X, Y(3), X(2), Y. – 10,000 credits.

Does Dead Space have console commands?

Dead Space is a popular game from EA. The PC version is the only one without a controller, which gives it different cheats than the console versions.

Do you have infinite ammo in Dead Space?

To do it you need to reach the bench in Chapter 2 then wait for it to autosave, quit out to main menu. Once there all you need to do is load up the “Weapon Crafting Arena”, then save and quit as soon as it loads up. Resume your game and you will have infinite ammo.

What is the secret message in Dead Space?

‘Unity is forever,’ ‘Death is only the beginning’ and ‘Keep us whole’ are three particular favourites of theirs. Almost every passage makes reference to death, the Marker (the artifact responsible for Dead Space’s Necromorphs) or Unitology’s founder, Altman.

What is the best weapon in Dead Space?

10 Of The Best Weapons In The Dead Space Franchise

  • 3 Javelin Gun.
  • 4 Force Gun.
  • 5 Flamethrower.
  • 6 Ripper.
  • 7 Contact Beam.
  • 8 Line Gun.
  • 9 Devil Horns.
  • 10 Plasma Cutter.

How do you get power nodes in Dead Space?

Upon completing the game in the original Dead Space one is rewarded with 10 Power Nodes when starting a New Game+, although this feature is not present in Dead Space 2. In the original Dead Space, whenever a Brute is killed, it drops a Node for you to collect.

What is the best suit in Dead Space 3?

Dead Space 3: Every Suit And How To Unlock Them

  1. 1 Witness Suit. As for possibly the most stylish suit in the game, witness the splendor of the Witness Suit.
  2. 2 Sharpshooter Suit.
  3. 3 Tundra Recon Suit.
  4. 4 Marauder Suit.
  5. 5 First Contact Suit.
  6. 6 N7 Suit.
  7. 7 Elite Suit.
  8. 8 Legionary Suit.

What is the best gun in Dead Space 3?

The 10 Best Weapons to Craft in ‘Dead Space 3’

  • HUN-E1 Badger.
  • Slam Chop.
  • Bolas Gun.
  • Pulse Rifle. Image via Complex Original.
  • Rotating ripper. Image via Complex Original.
  • Line gun and rocket launcher. Image via Complex Original.
  • Force gun with timed mines. Image via Complex Original.
  • Evangelizer. Image via Complex Original.

Where is the Level 5 suit in Dead Space?

zero G basketball locker room
The schematic for the level 5 suit (the last normal suit in a first round play) is in the zero G basketball locker room. Zero G basketball is actually fun, but harder to adjust to since you have to space jump, then use kinesis to grab the ball and dunk it into one of the four scoring holes at the end of the arena.

Where is the level 6 suit in Dead Space?

Originally posted by merchantmudcrab: When you finish a playthrough, there will be the option to load your save as a newgame+, where you start a new playthrough but you keep your weapons and upgrades and can buy the level 6 suit from the shops.

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