Does Iifm have sectional cutoff?

Does Iifm have sectional cutoff?

Does IIFM Bhopal apply sectional cutoffs? Ans. Yes, IIFM Bhopal applies both sectional and overall cutoffs for admission into its management programs. The sectional CAT cutoff at IIFM Bhopal was 50 for this year while the overall CAT cutoff was 80.

Is Iifm good for MBA?

Placement depends on what you do in MBA, There is no spoonfeeding in MBA let me tell you, But IIFM BHOPAL is a reputed college like IRMA ANAND having high CAT and XAT shortlisting percentile,So placement is good.

How do I get into Iifm?

Admission Procedure

  1. IIM CAT/GMAT (scores of two years old with required cut off) as decided by IIFM.
  2. UGC-CSIR-JRF/NET (Certificate notolder than five years) in relevant area of specialisation.
  3. GATE (Certificate not older than five years)
  4. ICAR NET (Certificate not older than 2 years)

What is the full form of Iifm?

The Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) (founded 1982) is an autonomous, Natural Resource Service training institute of Forestry located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, established by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India with financial assistance from the Swedish …

Is IIFM worth joining?

IIFM is very good college as per the analyzing report of Careers 360 it has AAAA rating in term of faculty, placement, Industry Exposure etc. The companies visit to the campus like ACCESS Livelihood, Ananya Finance For Inclusive Growth Pvt Ltd., Micro Finance, MP State Seed & Farm Devp Corp Ltd, Saga Finance Pvt Ltd.

Is IIFM a good college?

“My review for IIFM” IIFM was ranked 60 among management colleges in India by NIRF 2019. The college is ranked 8th among 142 Category A Management institutes.

What is PGD in forestry?

Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management (PGDFM) is a postgraduate Forestry and Wildlife course. The main goal of forestry is to create and implement systems that allow forests to continue a sustainable provision of environmental supplies and services.

Is Iifm a good college?

Where is the headquarters of Indian Forest Survey?

Dehradun, India
Forest Survey of India/Headquarters locations
Forest Survey of India (FSI), founded in June 1981 and headquartered at Dehradun in Uttarakhand, is a Government of India Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change organisation for conducting forest surveys, studies and research to periodically monitor the changing situation of land and forest resources and …

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What can I do with IIFM wildlife course?

The most interesting fact here is that once you complete your course on Wildlife from IIFM, Bhopal you would manage to grab a golden opportunity for yourself to work with reputed wildlife organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF), MP Tiger Foundation, MP Forest Department, and many others like that.

Which is the highest placement package at IIFM Bhopal?

The highest placement package offered at IIFM Bhopal was 14 LPA in 2020. The salary you would be offered here would not be very appealing as it might not be as popular as the others.

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