How big does a Magnolia Susan tree get?

How big does a Magnolia Susan tree get?


Hardiness 3 – 8 What’s My Zone?
Season of Interest Spring (Mid,Late)
Height 8′ – 12′ (240cm – 3.6m)
Spread 8′ – 12′ (240cm – 3.6m)
Water Needs Average

How big does a Jane magnolia get?

15′ high
Grows 10′-15′ high. Grows best in full morning sun and partially shaded afternoons. Prefers rich, moist and well-drained soils.

How tall does a Vulcan magnolia grow?

Bare Rooted. (Magnolia hybrid) is a New Zealand hybrid with large lightly perfumed deep magenta blooms up to 25cm across. A stunning upright smaller tree growing to a height of 5 metres making it suitable for both smaller gardens or in larger landscape plantings.

When’s the best time to plant a magnolia tree?

Keep in mind that deciduous magnolia varieties are best planted when dormant in early spring. After choosing the planting location, dig a hole at least 1.5 times the width of the root ball or bundle of your specimen and slightly less deep. Remove the upper layer of soil from the tree so the very top root is exposed.

How do you keep a magnolia tree small?

Shorten long, young branches and remove lower boughs if you desire a bare stem. Some evergreen magnolias are trained to a wall and should be pruned in the summer. Young deciduous magnolias rarely require pruning apart from removing weak or damaged branches or long vertical shoots.

Which magnolia smells the best?

An early blooming magnolia also renowned for fragrance is the Yulan magnolia (Magnolia denudata). Hardy in USDA zones 6 through 9, it flowers in early spring, setting large quantities of sweet, lemony scented blooms even in light shade. Because of its flower output, Yulan is among the most fragrant magnolia species.

How much does a magnolia tree cost?

They start at around $30 to $40 for a 2 or 3-ft baby plant. Of course, some varieties are more expensive than others, as they may be in higher demand. However, you can usually find a Magnolia tree anywhere from $30 to $100.

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