How did The Piano Teacher end?

How did The Piano Teacher end?

In the end, Walter says she is the one who has driven him to their final, violent encounter. The scene leaves ambiguous who has hurt whom—whether what has happened is a disaster for Erika or a consummation. Haneke, who is as cold and cruel and expressionless as his favorite actress, would never tell us the answer.

Is the piano teacher a good movie?

The website’s critical consensus reads, “Though it makes for rather unpleasant viewing, The Piano Teacher is a riveting and powerful psychosexual drama.” Roger Ebert awarded it three and a half stars, citing Huppert’s confidence, writing on hints of revenge against The Mother character and defending the ending, saying …

Is The Piano Teacher movie in English?

The Piano Teacher/Languages

What does the piano teacher mean?

piano teacher – someone who teaches students to play the piano. music teacher – someone who teaches music.

What is the piano teacher rated?

The Piano Teacher/MPAA rating

The R-rated edition from Kino makes a number of changes and omissions, removing the shots of the hardcore peep booth footage viewed by Huppert’s character in the mall, as well as optically pixellating pornographic images on magazine covers in the sex shop.

What do you call someone who teaches piano?

The practitioners of piano pedagogy are called piano pedagogues, or simply, piano teachers.

What do you call a master pianist?

Grandmaster (Lvl 10) – A pianist and musician of a level so high that they are actually revered by the classical music world, this title is reserved often only to a handful in an entire Century.

Who is the piano teacher in La Pianiste?

Erika Kohut is a pianist, teaching music. Schubert and Schumann are her forte, but she’s not quite at concert level. She’s approaching middle age, living with her mother who is domineering then submissive; Erika is a victim then combative.

Is the movie the pianist based on a true story?

“La Pianiste” redirects here. For other uses, see Pianist (disambiguation). The Piano Teacher ( French: La Pianiste, lit. ‘The Pianist’) is a 2001 French-language psychological drama film, written and directed by Michael Haneke, that is based on the 1983 novel of the same name by Elfriede Jelinek.

Which is the best movie the piano teacher?

David Denby praised the film as “audaciously brilliant”. In 2017, The Los Angeles Times critic Justin Chang recalled The Piano Teacher as Huppert’s best work in a Haneke film, and “a major achievement in a disturbingly minor key”.

Who is Walter in the movie the piano teacher?

Despite this, Walter is admitted as Erika’s pupil. Meanwhile, another pupil, Anna Schober, struggles with anxiety while pushed by her own ambitious mother. However, when Erika witnesses Anna and Walter socializing, she slips to an empty coat room and breaks glass, hiding the shards inside one of Anna’s coat pockets.

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