How do I do an If statement in VBScript?

How do I do an If statement in VBScript?

An If statement consists of a Boolean expression followed by one or more statements. If the condition is said to be True, the statements under If condition(s) are Executed. If the Condition is said to be False, the statements under Else Part would be executed.

What is conditional statement in VBScript?

Conditional statements are used to perform different actions for different decisions. In VBScript we have four conditional statements: If statement – executes a set of code when a condition is true. If…Then… Else statement – select one of two sets of lines to execute.

What are conditional statements in VBScript explain VBScript operators explain with example?

IN VBS, Conditional statements are used to make decisions and execute different blocks of code based on the decisions taken. You will use If…Then statement, if you want to execute some code when a specific condition is true. You will use If…. Then….

How do I write an If statement in Visual Studio?

Visual Basic If-Else-If Statement Example

  1. If x = 10 Then. Console.WriteLine(“x value equals to 10”)
  2. ElseIf x > 10 Then. Console.WriteLine(“x value greater than 10”)
  3. Else. Console.WriteLine(“x value less than 10”)
  4. End If.
  5. End Module.

How do I repeat a VBScript file?

VBScript Looping

  1. Do… Loop – Loops while or until a condition is True.
  2. While…Wend – Loops while a condition is True.
  3. For… Next – Uses a counter to run statements a specified number of times.
  4. For Each… Next – Repeats a group of statements for each item in a collection or each element of an array.

What are conditional statements used in VB 2015?

VB.NET provides the following conditional or decision-making statements.

  • If-Then Statement.
  • If-Then Else Statement.
  • If-Then ElseIf Statement.
  • Select Case Statement.
  • Nested Select Case Statements.

How do you write an If-Then statement?

The if / then statement is a conditional statement that executes its sub-statement, which follows the then keyword, only if the provided condition evaluates to true: if x < 10 then x := x+1; In the above example, the condition is x < 10 , and the statement to execute is x := x+1 .

Where do we use VBScript?

VBScript is also used for server-side processing of web pages, most notably with Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). The ASP engine and type library, asp.

When to use the else case in VBScript?

VBScript Select Case: Else Case. Just like an If Statement has an optional Else clause, a Select Statement has an optional Else case. When the variable cannot match any of the cases included then the Else case will be used.

When to use IF THEN statement in VBScript?

You will use the VBScript If-Then statement if you want to execute some code when a specific condition is true. For example, you want to output the message “Welcome” whenever the value of the variable loggedIn is true. In this case, you will be using If…Then statement in VBS.

Which is an example of a SELECT CASE statement in VBScript?

A VBScript Select Case statement can be summed up into three main parts. Variable – The variable contains the value which we are trying to determine. Our example will be a variable containing the name of a person. Case Statements – The case statements contain the values we are checking for.

When to use if statement in select case?

For example, the Select Case statement only allows you to check if a variable is equal to a value – you can’t test to see if it is greater than, less than etc. Also, you can only test against one variable. If you have multiple variables to test against, you’ll need to use an If statement.

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