How do I start investing in Kenya?

How do I start investing in Kenya?

We take a look at some of the popular ways you can invest your money in Kenya;

  1. Community/Collective Savings.
  2. Saving and Deposit Options at Your Bank.
  3. Invest Money in Yourself.
  4. Buy Government or Private Sector Bonds.
  5. Invest in Unit Trusts or Mutual Funds.
  6. Invest in Gold and Silver.
  7. Invest in the Capital Markets via NSE.

Why should I invest in Kenya?

Kenya’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services. Kenya’s favorable business environment and strong economy has allowed many companies to reduce operation costs and thus growing their profit margin.

What business can one start with 200k?

Listed below are profitable small businesses you can start with 200k that are thriving in Nigeria today.

  • Open a Restaurant.
  • Start a Fumigation Business.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services.
  • Starting your own home services.
  • Importation of wears.
  • Livestock farming.
  • Car wash center.
  • Corporate cleaning services.

What business can one start with 300k?

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  • #1. Tailoring.
  • #2. Barbershop.
  • #3. Hair Salon.
  • #4. Sale of Hair Extension.
  • #5. Sale of Clothes.
  • #6. Dry Cleaning Service.
  • #7. Football Viewing Centre.
  • #8. Cyber Cafe.

Which is the best company to buy shares in Kenya?

Best shares to buy in Kenya: companies to look out for

  • Jubilee holdings.
  • Centum investment.
  • Kakuzi.
  • ARM cement.
  • Crown paints.
  • Equity Bank.
  • KCB Bank.
  • BAT Kenya.

Is Kenya a good investment?

Kenya is the largest economy in the East in Central Africa. In addition, the country constantly ranks highly when it comes to ease of doing business. With many growing and profitable sectors such as tourism and agribusiness, the country is a popular choice for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Who are the major investors in Ken investments?

KEN Investments is linked to the major venture capital companies and other institutional investors. It regularly invests on behalf of a group of private business angels. A close affiliation to INSEAD and its structure provides a constant flow of contacts, recommendations and investment opportunities.

How big of a business can Ken invest in?

KEN is committed to creating and adding value by offering its specific know-how and experience to the development of its clients business. This happens normally in a consulting capacity or via a position on the Board of Directors. KEN prefers to invest in projects of up to € 5 mill. in size.

Who is the head of Ken private equity?

KEN Investments structures and executes private equity acquisitions with a regional focus on Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and South East Asia. It also supports and accompanies such transactions as an M&A agent. The team is co-ordinated by Egbert Willam.

How long does it take Ken private equity to exit?

KEN is active globally, with emphasis on Europe, Latin America and Asia. KEN is profit-oriented. It realizes the value it helped create by providing funds, know-how and management expertise through assisting the client in reaching an IPO or finding a strategic investor (trade sale). The time until exiting typically is 3 – 5 years.

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