How do you become a National Guard nurse?

How do you become a National Guard nurse?

The Army National Guard always has a need for nurses….The requirements to become a nurse and commissioned Officer in the Army National Guard are:

  1. Be a United States citizen.
  2. Be 21-48 years old.
  3. Have an Associates Degree in nursing or a 3 year nursing diploma, and have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN)

Can I become a nurse through the National Guard?

If you want to be a nurse in the Army National Guard, you need to have graduated from an accredited nursing education program acceptable to the Army. For officer commissioning purposes, the National Guard generally accepts qualified nurses between the ages of 21 and 48 with U.S. citizenship.

How much do military rn make?

According to and an estimate based upon a sample of 53 U.S. Army RN salaries, the average U.S. Army registered nurse earns $73,347, with a range of $58,000-$103,339 annually.

How often do National Guard nurses get deployed?

Like the odds of seeing combat, there’s no set rule for the length of deployment. If you’re called up by your state government, active duty missions usually run from 15-to-60 days. Federal deployments are usually a year, at the minimum.

What rank is a nurse in the National Guard?

With further experience, specialty training, or education, your pay grade and rank climbs up. For example, as a military nurse in the Army, you would start as Second Lieutenant, then First Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and so on. With each earned rank, different responsibilities and higher pay grade are awarded.

How much does a National Guard nurse make?

As a nurse through the National Guard, you can expect to make around $9,000 a year just starting out, but like any branch of the military, you can make more money as your rank and length of service increase. National Guard nurses can also benefit from tuition repayment.

Is the National Guard the same as the Army?

Both the Army and the National Guard are two branches of the United States Armed Forces, but they are different in the roles they play and the services they provide. The National Guard was actually created by the Army, which means that essentially the Army is a higher authority.

What exactly does the National Guard do?

The National Guard is trained to work in conjunction with the active forces of the Army and Air Force. Much of its value comes from its service in times of peace, when the Guard provides emergency aid to victims of national disasters and assists law enforcement authorities during civil emergencies.

How do I become a National Guard recruiter?

Apply for an opening in your unit or armory’s recruiting office. You can obtain the application from your unit orderly room, unit First Sergeant or personnel office. Submit your completed application packet to the recruiting office, your retention officer or your unit orderly room. Meet the recruiter selection board.

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