How far is Turoa from Whakapapa?

How far is Turoa from Whakapapa?

Whakapapa Village – 7km (7-10 minute drive) National Park Village – 22km (20 minute drive) Ohakune – 56km (45 minute drive) Turoa Ski Field – 75km (1 hour drive)

What does Turoa mean in English?

Turoa (or Tūroa) is a skifield on the south western side of Mount Ruapehu, the highest mountain in the North Island of New Zealand, in Tongariro National Park. They also serve as access to the base area from the upper mountain, and are often crowded.

Can you drive up to Turoa?

Car parking There are 1600 car parks at the base area of the Turoa ski field. As long as road restrictions are clear, you are fine to drive your car up to the car parks and park there for the day.

Can you sled at Turoa?

Sledding is available at both Tūroa and Whakapapa. At Tūroa join us at Yeti’s Sliding Zone, while at Whakapapa zoom along in Happy Valley. Both ski areas have specially groomed sledding slopes, for you to slide your way to the bottom of a carpet lift, then ride back up – no walking involved!

Where is whakapapa in NZ?

Tongariro National Park
Whakapapa skifield is a commercial skifield on the northern side of Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. It is one of three skifields on the mountain, the others being Turoa, which is on Ruapehu’s south-western slopes and Tukino on the eastern slopes….

Whakapapa Skifield
Runs 67 named

Is it better to go to whakapapa or Turoa?

I just go to enjoy the snow and do a bit of skiing. I went to whakapapa last year and was quite impressed with the facilities at beginners area. It was not too crowded. The drive to whakapapa was nice as well. I am planning to go again this year but I am confused between Turoa or Whakapapa. Would you suggest me to try Turoa this time.

How big is the area of Mt Ruapehu in Whakapapa?

The area of Mt Ruapehu on which Whakapapa is located is of particular significance to Ngati Tuwharetoa. 550 hectares of incredible terrain awaits you!

Which is the best ski field in Whakapapa?

Whakapapa is a great ski field for beginners. With 30% of the slopes for beginners, 45% for intermediate and 25% for advanced skiers, Whakapapa scores with the majority of visitors. Happy Valley is a separate field and fully dedicated for beginners and kids.

What are the natural features of Mt Turoa?

Tūroa is famous for its natural features, which include long halfpipe-like bowls, sweet kickers and smooth, wide open slopes. There’s always more to explore in this special place.

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