How many episodes is 009 Re Cyborg?

How many episodes is 009 Re Cyborg?

Cyborg 009

サイボーグゼロゼロナイン (Saibōgu Zero-Zero-Nain)
Original network TV Tokyo
English network Animax Cartoon Network (Toonami)
Original run October 14, 2001 – October 13, 2002
Episodes 51

Who is the strongest cyborg in cyborg 009?

Geronimo was the first created when Black Ghost resumed its cyborg soldier program. His principal job is line defense and artillery, typically using boulders as missiles against aggressors. Physically, he is the strongest as well as the biggest of the 00 Cyborgs; he also has heavily armored skin.

Who died in cyborg 009?

Dr. Gilmore tearfully watches the cyborgs depart to rescue 001 and defeat Zoa, hoping they will all return safely. Near the end, he falls to his knees while mourning 004’s death.

Who is the main character in Cyborg 009?

Cyborg 009 can refer to many pages, including the multiple series and its title character, who may differ across each incarnation. Cyborg 009: SF Roman: The light novel incarnation of “Cyborg 009”. Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier: Known simply as Cyborg 009 in the US dub.

When did the first Cyborg 009 movie come out?

The first Cyborg 009 film was released on July 21, 1966. It was produced by Hiroshi Ōkawa (uncredited) and directed by Yugo Serikawa. Cyborg 009: Monster Wars (サイボーグ009 怪獣戦争, Saiboogu Zero-Zero-Nain Kaijuu Sensou) was the second film for Cyborg 009 and released on March 19, 1967.

Is there a crossover between 8 Man and Cyborg 009?

A crossover between 8 Man and Cyborg 009 by Kyoichi Nanatsuk (script) and Masato Hayate (art), began serializing in Champion Red on July 18, 2020. A full-color graphic novel based on the franchise was released at San Diego Comic-Con International on July 21, 2013, to align with the anniversary of Ishinomori’s original manga.

What was the theme song for Cyborg 009?

The theme song was “Love of 1 Billion Lightyears” (10億光年の愛, Jū-oku Kōnen no Ai) (Lyrics: Michio Yamagami, Composer: Kōichi Morita, Arrangement: Reijirō Koroku, Singer: Yoshito Machida). A 3D film, produced by Production I.G., Sanzigen and Ishimori Productions, was released on October 27, 2012.

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