How many times did Stephen Curry won 3-point contest?

How many times did Stephen Curry won 3-point contest?

Curry has taken part in NBA All-Star Weekend in nine of his previous 11 campaigns, including the Three-Point Contest six times (2010, 2013-16, 2019). He has also taken part in the Shooting Stars Competition (2014 & 2015), the Rising Stars Challenge (2010 & 2011) and the Skills Challenge (won the event in 2011).

Who did Steph Curry lose to in 3-point contest?

Curry set a 3-Point Contest record with 31 points in the opening round and matched up against Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley Jr. and Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum in the final round. Curry edged Conley by a single point, 28-27, by converting the final money ball of the contest.

When did Curry win the 3-point contest?

3-Point Contest Winners

Year Winner Team
2015 Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
2014 Marco Belinelli San Antonio Spurs
2013 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
2012 Kevin Love Minnesota Timberwolves

Has anyone ever had a perfect 3-point contest?

Larry Bird won three consecutive contests while playing with the Boston Celtics. Jason Kapono won the contest in the 2006–07 and 2007–08 season while playing with the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors became the most recent multi-time winner in 2021.

Who won the 3-Point Contest?

NBA All-Star: Steph Curry wins 3-point shootout on dramatic final shot.

Did Stephen Curry break the 3 point record?

Steph Curry breaks NBA single-game 3-point record. OAKLAND – Stephen Curry’s 3-point shot returned Monday night, and he came with a vengeance. One game after the end of his streak of 157 consecutive games with at least one 3-pointer, Curry buried 13 triples in a 116-106 victory over the New Orleans Pelicans at Oracle Arena.

Who won three point contest?

Warriors guard Stephen Curry won the 3-point contest for the second time in his career. Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry holds the trophy after winning the 3-point contest at basketball’s NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta, Sunday, March 7, 2021.

What is Stephen Curry’s 3 point percentage?

Seth Curry has made 48.0 percent of his 3-point shots this season (59 for 123) and is a career 44.3 percent shooter, a tick ahead of his brother’s 43.7 percent. Stephen’s percentage this season is 44.4. The 2019 3-point contest is scheduled for 8 p.m. ET, Feb. 16 and will be televised by TNT.

When is 3 point contest?

The 3 point shooting contest is an exciting event open to boys and girls that runs during the first week of December each year.

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