How to set the radcombobox value in JavaScript?

How to set the radcombobox value in JavaScript?

When the event fires, you must get a reference to the RadComboBox control inside your UserControl. To set it’s SelectedIndex property to 0 you call the set_selectedIndex () function on the client-side control. Keep in mind that this only sets the SelectedIndex, and does not update the text in the input field of the RadComboBox.

How to clear radcombobox object in Telerik UI?

Returns the first RadComboBoxItem object whose Text property equals the passed parameter. Returns the first RadComboBoxItem object whose Text contains the string passed as parameter. Clears all items of RadComboBox .

How to get a free trial of radcombobox?

Download free 30-day trial This article explains about the methods of the RadComboBox client-side object. The RadComboBox client API allows for complete control over the client object, giving the developer the opportunity to set the behavior of the control depending on the scenario.

When does the selectedindexchanged event occur in radcombobox?

The SelectedIndexChanged event occurs when the user selects a new item from the drop-down list in the RadComboBox. To use the SelectedIndexChanged, set the AutoPostBack property to True. Otherwise, the SelectedIndexChanged event will not fire.

How to remove an item from radcomboboxitem collection?

Use the Remove method of the RadComboBoxItemCollection object to remove items: //Find the desired item and remove it. RadComboBoxItem item = RadComboBox1.FindItemByText(“Item1”); item.Remove(); //Remove an item from the Items collection. The code line below removes the first item. Its index is 0.

What is the argument of the radcombobox?

The RadComboBox that is loading items. This argument is of type object but can be cast to the RadComboBox type. An EventArgs object. This object has the following properties for identifying what has changed: Text is the text of the item that was just selected.

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