Is Basshunter DotA about the game?

Is Basshunter DotA about the game?

The lyrics, in Swedish, are about using the voice chat program Ventrilo while playing Defense of the Ancients, a gamemode within Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. The song incorporates samples from the game. It was released as the second single from Basshunter’s first album LOL.

When was Basshunter DotA release?


What is Basshunter doing now?

With all the love the dance genre is receiving, as of late, Basshunter seems primed to make a comeback. Currently, he’s finishing up the second leg of a summer tour that started in the UK, and has since expanded to cities in Ireland, Denmark and Finland.

Was the Dota anime a success?

The Netflix DOTA 2 anime is out now, and the community has already felt its impact. While the show has yet to result in the predicted flood of new players, it’s helped boost one DOTA 2 character’s popularity. However, the show seems popular with viewers, earning a respectable 93% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Is Basshunter still married?

After being a couple for three years, Basshunter married Tina Makhia Khayatsadeh on 19 January 2017.

Who is the girl in the Basshunter music videos?

Aylar Dianati Lie
Aylar Dianati Lie (Persian: آیلار دیانتی لی‎; born 12 February 1984) is an Iranian-Norwegian actress, model, singer and former pornographic actress. She has worked as a music video actress and singer, appearing in several of Swedish DJ Basshunter’s music videos.

Is Mirana an elf DOTA?

There are two elf factions at war, a few family tragedies, and plenty of angst from protagonists Davion (the Dragon Knight) and Mirana (disgraced princess of the moon) over their identities and personal demons.

Who is Mene in Dota?

Mene is the former goddess of the moon. She is worshipped by the Elves. She is said to live in the Lotuses of Mene. It is yet unclear why she vanished and how she relates to Selemene.

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