Is October a good time to visit Majorca?

Is October a good time to visit Majorca?

The best time to go to Majorca is in the summer months from June to September. The weather is very warm, with highs of 30°C in August. If you prefer cooler weather on holiday, the best time to visit Majorca is in autumn or spring. October is very pleasant, with highs of 24°C and lows of 14°C at night.

Is Majorca still open in October?

There is plenty to see and do in Mallorca during the month of October. All the tourist attractions are open, but we still recommend booking in advance. In October the island is in slowdown mode, but there is still plenty of tourist activity.

Is Majorca Open to British tourists 2021?

Yes, as Spain’s borders have been open to UK travellers since 24 May. However, Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are on the UK government’s amber travel list, meaning that it is only advisable to travel there for essential reasons (e.g. visiting immediate family or for work).

Can you swim in Majorca in October?

Autumn: September and October are perfect months for a laid-back beach escape. Temperatures can reach highs of 24º and the sea remains warm enough for swimming right until the end of the season. Winter: Mallorca is mild and bright between December and February and temperatures range from around 15 to 17º.

Is it worth going to Majorca in October?

October weather makes Mallorca wonderfully pleasant to visit, the sweltering summer heat giving way to a 20°C average. October is the rainiest month of the year for the island, but that’s still not very much. Expect a one-in-five chance of rain on a given day, but the actual rainfall is small.

Are Brits going to Majorca?

British tourists arriving in Mallorca. Jet2, Ryanair and EasyJet said activity exceeded expections as 57 flights landed in Palma from the UK, bringing more than 10,000 fully-vaccinated tourists to the Island. “With all caution, the increase in vaccinations in Spain and the UK invite a certain optimism.”

Is Majorca allowing tourists from UK?

British tourists arriving in Mallorca. “This is positive news and allows British tourists to come to the islands from July 19, regardless of whether the Balearic Islands are ‘Green’ or ‘Amber’,” said Government spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela.

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