Is Saadia guilty or innocent?

Is Saadia guilty or innocent?

Saadia claims that she’s innocent, that Kematu and his men are mercenaries hired by the Dominion to kill her. Kematu claims Saadia is the Dominion agent. If you side with Kematu, he claims he’ll be taking Saadia to Hammerfell to stand trial, that she won’t be harmed “until she gets there”.

Is Saadia lying Skyrim?

Saadia, which is from a noble house speaks out against this and that angers the people with the agenda, so they hire the Alik’r to kill her so she doesn’t interfere with the plan, she doesn’t know who she can trust in Hammerfell so she runs away. So in this scenario, Saadia is 100% telling the truth.

What happens to Saadia?

If you side with the Alik’r, Saadia will be permanently removed from the game, and no other residents of the inn will take notice, or mention her. Saadia wears barkeep clothes and a pair of shoes. She carries a key to the inn, and after her quest she has a steel dagger equipped (if you sided with her).

Where do you find Saadia?

Alik’rs who are looking for Saadia can be found in Rorikstead, at The Bannered Mare inn. Tell them where the woman is and they will state that they can’t seize her here, as it would cause too much commotion in the city.

Why are the Alik R after Saadia?

Saadia’s Story Once Saadia is alone with the Dragonborn, she will explain her side of the situation. According to claims, Saadia was forced to flee the province to Skyrim after speaking out against the Aldmeri Dominion, who then hired the Alik’r to hunt her down and assassinate her.

Can Saadia become a follower?

3 – After her questline, Saadia will become a potential Follower, using Skyrim’s default follower system.

Is Saadia a traitor Skyrim?

This may indicate that Kematu might have been telling the truth and that Saadia truly was a traitor (source needed, Justiciar Execution Orders are normally issued because of the assault on the Thalmor Embassy in the main questline).

How much money does Saadia give you?

At this point, Saadia will be hostile right away, so use a Calm spell on her, then talk to her, and she will give you the 500 gold reward for killing Kematu.

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