Is the Iveco Daily van a commercial vehicle?

Is the Iveco Daily van a commercial vehicle?

So much more than a commercial vehicle. The New Daily van is designed to help you operate your business sustainably and profitably . With the New Daily van, technology is at your service: when you spend the majority of your working day behind the wheel, you want your on-board living conditions and driving experience to be second to none.

What kind of engine does the Daily 35c14 have?

Daily 35C14 has only 3.0L engine (F1CE0481A), 136 HP. Daily 35C13 has only 2.8L engine (8140.43S), 125 HP. Daily 35C15 has only 2.8L engine (8140.43N), 150 HP. Daily 35C17 has only 3.0L engine (F1CE0481B), 166HP. Daily 35C13 and 35C15 are model year 2000. Daily 35C14 and 35C17 are model year 2003.

How is the uptime of Iveco services improved?

Uptime is improved by putting the vehicle in direct contact with the IVECO specialists who will receive real-time data, can conduct diagnostics and can identify possibile issues before they occur by taking proactive actions thereby reducing downtime.

How does the Iveco Daily tyre monitoring system work?

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System displays the pressure of each tyre in real time on the cluster, so you can ensure your Daily is always running on optimal tyre pressure. This not only results in safer driving, but also helps you reduce your fuel consumption. The Daily is the first van to offer this feature for both single and twin-wheel models.

What is the final drive ratio of an Iveco?

Iveco drive axles connected by transmission shafts to the transfer box have a final drive ratio of 4.875:1. The rear axle is equipped with a differential lock as standard equipment with the front axle differential lock available as a production option.

What’s the maximum load capacity of an Iveco Daily?

You can count on a front axle maximum load capacity of up to 1900 kg on the 3.5-tonne models featuring the lighter, strong QUAD-LEAF suspension ​, or even higher, as much as 2700 kg, if you opt for a twin wheel model with the QUAD-TOR suspension. MIN. MAX. BIG FUEL SAVINGS WITH THE DAILY’S HIGH-EFFICIENCY FEATURES

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