What are the basic rules in volleyball?

What are the basic rules in volleyball?

Basic Volleyball Rules for Playing the Game

  • 6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row.
  • Maximum of three hits per side.
  • Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit)
  • Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve.
  • A ball hitting a boundary line is “in”

What is volleyball and how it is played?

Volleyball is played by two teams of six players on a court divided by a net. The object of the game is to send the ball over the net so that the opposing team cannot return the ball or prevent it from hitting the ground in their court. Each team has three hits to attempt to return the ball.

What are the six position in volleyball?

The roles and primary volleyball positions on the court: the setter, hitters, middle blockers, defensive specialists and liberos and the responsibilities they each have are usually explained as soon as you join a new club, high school, college or professional six player team.

What are the types of volleyball?

There are two main kinds of competitive volleyball played in the world right now. They are team volleyball and beach volleyball. Both are Olympic sports and have competitive leagues. Team volleyball is played indoors on a hard court with 6 people per team.

What are the 10 basic rules in volleyball?

Volleyball Rules Object of the Game. The object of volleyball is to hit the volleyball over the net (by only using your hands) running through the centre of the court whilst trying Players & Equipment. Each team has 6 players on a court at any one time. Scoring. Winning the Game. Rules of Volleyball.

What are the official rules for volleyball?

Some of the most fundamental rules of volleyball include stipulations that a team is only allowed three touches of the ball, no player is allowed two consecutive touches of the ball, a team must have at least six players on the court and all plays on or within boundary lines are considered playable.

What are the rules of indoor volleyball?

Indoor Volleyball Rules. Intramural Indoor Volleyball is self-officiated, meaning no referees will be provided. For an un-officiated sport to be successful, the highest degree of integrity is expected from all. The general rules shall be that players call their own violations (net violations, back row attacks, touches,…

What are the steps of volleyball?

Simple Volleyball. Step 1: The first step is very simple. Just draw a nice round circle. Step 2: Now, draw four dots as shown above. Step 3: Connect the dots, and you’ll get a rectangular section. Step 4: Join the dots to the circle to make sections. Step 5: Draw two lines in each section, as shown in the image.

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