What can you see in Elodea cells?

What can you see in Elodea cells?

Oxygen is a by product of the process of photosynthesis. Oxygen can be observed leaving the elodea cells. Under a microscope the green chloroplasts inside of the cell can be observed. The chloroplasts contain the green chemical chlorophyll that is used in the process of photosynthesis.

Why do Elodea cells shrink in salt water?

When the salt solution is added, the salt ions outside the cell membrane cause the water molecules to leave the cell through the cell membrane causing it to shrink into a blob in the centre of the cell wall. The movement of water molecules is called osmosis.

How big is a Elodea cell?

approximately 0.05 millimeters
A “typical” Elodea cell is approximately 0.05 millimeters long (50 micrometers long) and 0.025 millimeters wide (25 micrometers wide).

How do human epithelial cells and Elodea cells differ?

They both have a cell membrane,nucleus and cytoplasm. How do human epithelial cells and elodea cells differ? Elodea cells have a cell wall and chloroplast,human epithelial cells have a small vacuole. Stops the motion,the chloroplast stopped moving.

What happened to the Elodea cells in the salt water?

When the Elodea was placed in the salt solution, the vacuoles disappeared and the protoplasm came away from the cell wall making the organelles appear to be clumped in the middle of the cell. Such cells are said to be plasmolyzed. Therefore, if it were placed in a hypertonic solution it would lose water and shrivel.

Why can’t you see the nucleus in Elodea cells?

The nucleus is present but not visible, particularly in an Elodea cell, because the cell membrane is thin, transparent, and in direct contact with the cell wall of the Elodea cell. Nucleus visibility is difficult since chlorophyll hides other organelles within the cell.

Can an Elodea cell live on is own?

The Elodea plant and the individual paramecium cell are both organisms because they can live on their own. The individual Elodea cell, although it shows signs of life, is not an organism.

How are Elodea cells similar to onion cells?

Elodiea cells and onion cells have more consistent shapes because they both contain cell walls which mainteains its shape. Human epithelia cells lack cell walls which is why they contain more different shapes .

Is Elodea a plant or an animal?

Elodea is an aquatic plant in the Hydrocharitaceae family that is commonly used in aquariums and ponds to provide oxygen for fish.

Do Elodea have chloroplasts?

Answer Wiki. Elodea have chloroplasts because it’s a plant and its cells make its own food by photosynthesis, which is precisely performed in these organelles (even in epithelium cells, which in other plants don’t occur).

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