What does GOL stand for airline?

What does GOL stand for airline?

Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes

Subsidiaries MAP Linhas Aéreas
Fleet size 128
Destinations 61
Traded as B3: GOLL3, GOLL4 NYSE: GOL

Is Gol a safe airline?

GOL Airlines is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage / seat charges, buy onboard food & beverages, cabin cleanliness, and service rating covers cabin and ground staff.

Where does Gol fly to?

GOL flies to many destinations, with a large domestic route network, as well as flights to destinations across the Americas. Destinations include Belem, Campinas, Carajás, Fortaleza, Joinville, Natal, Petrolina, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador da Bahia, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Cancún, Miami, Montvideo and more.

How do I contact Gol Airlines?

For further information about documentation of minors or any other special service, visit www.voegol.com or contact our call center: 1 855 862 9190.

What is Gol short for?


Acronym Definition
GOL Government of Lebanon
GOL Giggle Out Loud
GOL Guardians of Light (gaming organization)
GOL Gone on Leave

What Gol means in English?

GOL means “Giggle Out Loud.”

How many planes does Gol have?

The Company currently operates 12 737 MAX aircraft, having returned 18 B737 NGs in the past 18 months. As a result of the new agreements, GOL will now end 2021 with 28 737 MAX aircraft (22% of the total fleet), and by the year-end 2022 will have received delivery of 44 737 MAX aircraft (32% of the total fleet).

Which alliance is Gol Airlines?

Use AAdvantage® miles to book award travel on GOL Airlines with oneworld® and partner airline awards which allow you to travel to and from your desired destination using any combination of our airline participants.

Does Gol airlines have business class?

For a single reason; in theory, Gol does not offer Business class in domestic operations! With the grounding of the 737 MAX, Gol needed to emergencially lease some 737-800s from other airlines to keep its growth plan for 2019.

What GPL means?

GPL is the acronym for GNU’s General Public License, and it’s one of the most popular open source licenses. Richard Stallman created the GPL to protect the GNU software from being made proprietary.

Where does Goldstar Air fly to and from?

Goldstar Air is a wholly-owned Ghanaian Airline based in Accra, Ghana which is ambitious of providing scheduled and non-scheduled passenger air service initially to twelve destination in USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

How to pay for a Gol Airlines Flight?

Pay for Gol Airlines Flights with Boleto Bancário. With Alternative Airlines, you can easily pay for your flights with Boleto! Boleto is a Brazilian payment method that works in a similar way to a voucher or invoice. Simply select Boleto at checkout and pay using your online banking service or in your local branch.

Can you use smiles credit card on Gol flights?

Suspension of domestic on-board service. on our domestic flights, with the exception of water, served only to passengers who request. Earn up to 20,000 miles when you request your Smiles credit card and start planning your next trip. Fall in love with one of the mostamazing destinations in the USA.

Do you get credit for airline fees with Amex gold?

Each year, cardmembers can designate their preferred U.S. airline, with incidental fees, such as seat selection fees, checked bag fees, airline change fees, lounge day passes and more triggering a statement credit, up to the annual amount above.

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