What is a vintage seltzer bottle?

What is a vintage seltzer bottle?

If you love a refreshing, fizzy drink and collectibles, you will love vintage seltzer bottles. Also known as soda siphon bottles, these are glass bottles with a siphon that would dispense carbonated liquid—usually water. These were common in homes, soda fountains and bars beginning in the late 1800s.

What were vintage seltzer bottles used for?

Commonly used to make drinks at the local soda fountain or mixed with your liquor of choice, these popular bottles were known to create instant happiness among those who drank the ‘fizzy water’. Seltzer Bottles, or soda siphons, are now a popular collectible due to their unique colors and markings.

How old are seltzer bottles?

Bottles for mineral and soda water first appeared in the late 1600s. As a group, these bottles tended to be thick in order to withstand repeated fillings. After the introduction of artificially carbonated water in 1832, the bottles were also required to withstand the pressure of carbonation.

How do you charge a vintage seltzer bottle?

Fill your siphon and charge it with gas. You do that by attaching a carbon dioxide capsule specifically made for the purpose. Give it a good shake and the gas will start to dissolve into the water. The carbonation works best on very cold water, so leave the capsule attached while you chill the bottle.

How do you clean an old seltzer bottle?

Drop a couple of Alka Seltzer tabs into a bottle of hot water. Use a long handled brush to scrub. 4) For those stubborn mineral deposits – make a paste from a little salt and white vinegar. Rub it on the stains and let sit for a few minutes then wipe off and rinse.

How did old soda syphons work?

For portable 1 litre bottles, the head of the siphon bottle is removed for filling. A rubber seal and tube are also removed. When the sound of the gas bubbling into the water is heard, the bottle is shaken, then left to rest. Within seconds, the trigger pull will release seltzer water.

How do you fill an old seltzer bottle?

You simple fill the bottle with water (filtered is best) and put in the siphon. Drop a CO2 cartridge into a little sleeve-like cup that comes with the bottle… …and screw it down onto the valve on the side of the bottle head. This action punctures the top of the CO2 cartridge releasing the gas into the bottle.

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