What major events happened March 2020?

What major events happened March 2020?

Event of Interest

  • Mar 25 Spain’s death toll from COVID-19 overtakes China’s at 3,434 to become then second worldwide behind Italy with 7,503 deaths with a worldwide toll of 20,836.
  • Mar 26 American cases of COVID-19 exceed all other countries on this date, with 81,578 cases and 1,180 deaths (New York Times)

What was happening in March 2010?

Here are the key events in world news for the month of March 2010. Violence Mars Election in Iraq (Mar. 7): Explosions marked general election day in Iraq, where two bombs killed at least 38 people. The glacial pace of the vote count was attributed to a painstaking process intended to reduce the risk of election fraud.

What was happening in March 2009?

New Mexico Abolishes Death Penalty (Mar. New Mexico is the second state to ban the death penalty since 1976, when the United States Supreme Court reinstated it. Obama Reveals Plan for Afghanistan, Pakistan (Mar. 20): President Obama reveals his plans for fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

What movies are playing in March 2020?

Best Movies Released March 2020

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always.
  • The Way Back.
  • The Hunt.
  • I Still Believe.
  • Onward.
  • Bloodshot.
  • The Education Of Fredrick Fitzell.

What was happening in April 2009?

Iraq Suicide Bomb Kills Five U.S. Soldiers and Two Iraqis (Apr. 10): A suicide bomb in Mosul, Iraq kills 5 U.S. soldiers and 2 Iraqis, the deadliest attack against the American military in Iraq in 13 months. The truck bom detonated just outside the entrance to the American military base.

What was the most important science event in 2014?

A number of significant scientific events occurred in 2014, including the first robotic landing on a comet and the first complete stem-cell-assisted recovery from paraplegia. The year also saw a significant expansion in the worldwide use and sophistication of technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and wearable electronics .

What’s the latest news in the world of Science?

Trending Stories. Quantum Physics Google officially lays claim to quantum supremacy By 6 hours ago. Planetary Science Astronomers have spotted a new type of storm on Saturn By October 21, 2019. Neuroscience Alzheimer’s may scramble metabolism’s connection to sleep By October 22, 2019.

What was the original purpose of Science News?

Science News was founded in 1921 as an independent, nonprofit source of accurate information on the latest news of science, medicine and technology.

Which is the most recent discovery in science?

Chemists have engineered a plastic artificial cell containing organelles capable of producing the various steps in a chemical reaction. A giant trench deeper than the Grand Canyon has been discovered under Antarctic ice. Illumina, Inc. has demonstrated the first $1,000 genome.

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