Whats up King Meaning?

Whats up King Meaning?

What is KING UP? KING UP (v.)- means to rap,to speak over beats or to freestyle. when someone is rapping over beats then we can say that he’s Kingging up.

What does King mean in slang?

On social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, young people (ie. millennials and Gen Zers) often use “king” as a means of positive affirmation. Harry Styles, too, is king, as are Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, all seven members of Korean-pop group BTS, and even Bernie Sanders.

What does Unking mean?

1 : to cause to cease to be a king. 2 : to deprive (a monarchy) of having a king.

What does it mean to dethrone someone?

transitive verb. : to remove from a throne or place of power or prominence dethrone a king trying to dethrone the champion.

How do you become a king?

How to Access the King Archetype

  1. Create more, consume less.
  2. Leave a legacy.
  3. Develop practical wisdom.
  4. Become a mentor.
  5. Find a mentor.
  6. Establish your core values.
  7. Develop the virtue of order.
  8. Break away from your mother.

What is a king called?

A monarch is a head of state for life or until abdication, and therefore the head of state of a monarchy. A monarch may exercise the highest authority and power in the state, or others may wield that power on behalf of the monarch.

What is the definition of a black king?


What is it called when a king is removed from the throne?

intransitive verb. : to renounce a throne, high office, dignity, or function The king was forced to abdicate. transitive verb. 1 : to relinquish (something, such as sovereign power) formally abdicate a throne.

What is it called when you dethrone a king?

remove a monarch from the throne. “If the King does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned” Antonyms: enthrone, throne. put a monarch on the throne. type of: disinvest, divest.

What is the dictionary definition of a king?

Definition of king. (Entry 1 of 9) 1a : a male monarch of a major territorial unit especially : one whose position is hereditary and who rules for life.

What is the meaning of the word up?

d : to or at a greater speed, rate, or amount prices went up. e : in a continual sequence : in continuance from a point or to a point from third grade up at prices of $10 and up up until now. 4a(1) : into existence, evidence, prominence, or prevalence. (2) : into operation or practical form.

Are there any other synonyms for the word king?

other words for king. MOST RELEVANT. emperor. monarch. sultan. baron. caesar. caliph. czar.

What is the meaning of the preposition up?

up. preposition. Definition of up (Entry 3 of 6) 1 a —used as a function word to indicate motion to or toward or situation at a higher point of went up the stairs. b : up into or in the was hid away up garret — Mark Twain.

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