Where exactly is Tarkwa Bay located?

Where exactly is Tarkwa Bay located?

Lagos harbour
Tarkwa Bay is an artificial sheltered beach located near the Lagos harbour in Nigeria. Due to its island status, it is only accessible by boat or water taxis.

Where can I board my boat to Tarkwa Bay?

The most popular places to get a boat to Tarkwa Bay are Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine ( Victoria Island). From Mekwe Jetty near Bonny Camp on Lagos Island: You can board a speedboat. The journey should take 15 minutes.

How much does it cost to get into Lekki beach?

The entry fee for both children and adults is N500. The parking fee cost an additional N500 while the beach huts can be rented for at most N10,000.

How much is gate fee at Elegushi Beach?

1. Elegushi gate and parking fees: Elegushi Beach is not a free-entrance venue. It is private property and has a gate fee of 1000 Nigerian naira, and also a parking fee that depends on how well one can negotiate.

How much is the gate fee for oniru beach?

Oniru is a 24 hours privately owned beach in Lagos Nigeria. It’s owned by Oniru Royal family. The entrance fee is 1000 naira per person. It’s a cool place for celebrations, events, live shows, family outings, picnic and anything outdoor.

How much is entry fee to Tarkwa Bay?

Tarkwa Bay Entrance Fee is just 200 naira but you will be required to pay for the space you plan to occupy. The chairs cost 300 naira each, tables go for 100 naira each and the tent is 300 naira. Will you like to enjoy a fun day at Tarkwa Bay Beach Lagos?

How much does it cost to go to moist beach?

Moist Beach Entrance/Parking fee Though entry to Moist Beach is free, you will have to pay 1,000 Naira (about $3) to gain access to Oniru Beach where Moist Beach is located.

How much does it cost to get into Lekki Conservation Center?

The entrance fee is 1000 NGN ,plus of you want to walk over the longest canopy bridge in Africa is additional 1000 NGN. You can organize your picnic there ,and have some family activities.

Which beach is the finest in Lagos?

Fortunately, I have reviewed the top-rated and admirable beaches in Lagos that will make your entire vacation memorable.

  • Eleko Beach. This is one of the much-loved beaches here in Lagos.
  • Oniru.
  • Atican Beach.
  • Elegushi Beach.
  • Whispering Palms.
  • Lekki Leisure Lake.
  • La Campagne Tropicana.
  • Baracuda beach resort.

Can I take food to oniru Beach?

You are allowed to bring your own food and you can also get food on the beach like suya, asun , small chops etc. Oniru is a 24 hours privately owned beach in Lagos Nigeria. It’s owned by Oniru Royal family.

How to get to Tarkwa Bay from Lagos Island?

From the CMS jetty, you can get a speed boat for 1500 to Tarkwa bay Beach from CMS, Lagos Island. It is about 20 minutes ride to the Island. You can hire a boat ride from Bonny Camp to Tarkwa bay it is about 10 to 15 minutes cruise.

How did Tarkwa Bay beach get its name?

Tarkwa Bay is a man-made island that was made during the construction of the Lagos harbour. The Island was sand filled with sand dredged from the Atlantic. It serves as a shelter for the Harbour which makes Tarkwa beach a lot calmer in terms of the wave compared to other beaches in Lagos which makes it safe for swimmers and surfers.

Which is the most beautiful beach in Lagos?

Tarkwa bay is one of the many popular tourist attractions in Lagos. Even though Tarkwa bay is a public beach, it offers the exclusivity of a private beach. Tarkwa bay boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos and it is also a popular tourist attraction where you can experience nature in its rarest beauty.

Is there a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay?

Tarkwa bay is only accessible by boat and the ride usually takes about approximately twenty minutes. Your transportation options ranges between getting a boat ride from Mekwe Jetty, Tarzan Marine and Marina. This largely depends on which part of Lagos Island you’re linking from.

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