Which country produces the most oil 2020?

Which country produces the most oil 2020?

The United States
The United States produced the most oil in the world in 2020, at around 16 million barrels of oil per day on average. Saudi Arabia and Russia followed as the second and third largest producers, and also rank as the top two countries with highest oil exports.

Who is the largest oil producer in the world?

U.S. Remains the Oil Production Champion Despite the impact the pandemic had on U.S. oil production, the U.S. remained the world’s top oil producer at 11.3 million BPD. Russia and Saudi Arabia retained their positions at #2 and #3.

What is the dirtiest fuel?

Tar Sands
Tar Sands: Dirtiest Fuel in the World.

What are the top ten oil producing countries?

Here are the world top ten oil producers according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) in 2017: USA – 15.6 Million barrels of oil per day Saudi Arabia – 12.1 Million BOPD Russia – 11.2 Million BOPD Canada – 5.0 Million BOPD China – 4.8 Million BOPD Iran – 4.7 Million BOPD Iraq – 4.5 Million BOPD UAE – 3.7 Million BOPD

What country has the most oil?

Biggest Oil Producers in the World Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia takes the first position among the top oil producing countries in the world, with a daily production of 11,726 thousand barrels of crude oil. United States. The United States is the second largest oil producer in the world, with a daily production of 11,115 thousand barrels of crude oil. Russia. China. Canada. Iran.

What countries have large oil reserves?

The countries having large petroleum reserves are Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Venezuela, Russia, Libya, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, USA, China, Qatar, Algeria, Brazil and Mexico. The West Asia or Middle East is having the largest petroleum reserves of the world, which is about 60 per cent of the world’s oil reserves.

Who produces the most oil?

Key Takeaways. According to the most recent data, the top five oil-producing nations are the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, and China . Canada is expected to have some of the highest growth in oil production, percentage-wise, over the next three decades thanks to oil sands. Nov 18 2019

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