Which icfai campus is best for MBA?

Which icfai campus is best for MBA?

IBS Hyderabad
It is a good opportunity to get admission in IBS Hyderabad or one of the other eight top ICFAI Business schools for those who have scored well in CAT/NMAT/GMAT. IBS Hyderabad is the most preferred MBA college among all the 9 campuses of ICFAI Business schools.

Is IBS Pune a good college?

Read reviews that mention. IBS Pune is the best MBA college. Placements: Last year, there were 100% placements. The average salary package offered is 5 LPA.

Is icfai and IBS same?

ICFAI Business School (IBS)-Hyderabad is a constituent of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE), a Deemed University as per the UGC Act 1956. IBS-Hyderabad is one of the top business schools in India. It has been ranked at #12 in the nation by Hindustan Times in a 2012 survey.

Which is better IBS Mumbai or IBS Pune?

Ibs pune has less intake than ibs mumbai so placement is good and the competition is less. Ibs mumbai has a better campus life than ibs pune but if you want to go for the best college in terms of placement then ibs pune is for you.

Is ICFAI university fake?

The ICFAI is recognised by the Uttaranchal government, has its ‘head office’ in Hyderabad and runs institutions all over the country and even in some foreign countries. It is noteworthy that any degree not recognised by the UGC is no better than a piece of paper.

Why is IBS good for MBA?

It exposes them to technical skills and helps them to acquire social skills by drawing them onto contact with real professionals. IBS supplements the MBA/PGPM Program with soft skills which provide a unique opportunity for the student to develop, upgrade their personality, communication and presentation skills.

Is ICFAI University fake?

Is icfai University fake?

Is IBS Hyderabad worth joining?

It is known for achieving good placements year on year. The average CTC for the class of 2020 was 7.88 Lac/annum. The highest package being 15.89 Lac/annum with 99% percent of students placed with 149 Prominent Recruiters. It has been a lovely journey right from the moment I chose ICFAI.

Which IBS campus is best for HR?

Whether you want to do finance or HR, IBS Hyderabad is the best college in all IBS and it should be your first choice.

Is ICFAI Hyderabad fake?

ICFAI is a FAKE and FRAUD organization. If you want to waste your money you have several other options. ICFAI or any of its related organization does not deserve your hard earned money.

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