Who makes sears Guardsman tires?

Who makes sears Guardsman tires?

Sears Guardsman tires are now made by Bridgestone. These tires are an OPP (Opening Price Point) tire, which means they are not of the highest quality. They are not , however, junk tires. You get what you pay for.

Who makes Guardsman?

About Guardsman One of the most common inquiries on consumers’ mind about the brand is; who makes Guardsman tires. Guardsman is an exclusive vehicle tire line owned by Sears. The company outsources the production of these tires from a number of companies.

What was Sears brand of tires?

Sears, Roebuck & Co. said it is bringing the RoadHandler tire brand back to its Sears Auto Center car-service outlets, The Wall Street Journal reports.

What does all season tires mean?

All-season tires feature tread patterns and rubber compounds that make them suitable for use in wet conditions and a wide range of hot and cold temperatures. The tires are engineered to stand up to light snow, which means that drivers can use them year-round in most temperatures.

Who is the CEO for guardsman?

Kenny Benjamin –
Kenny Benjamin – Executive chairman – Guardsman group limited | LinkedIn.

What does a guardsman do in the army?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Guardsman is a rank used instead of private in some military units that serve as the official bodyguard of a sovereign or head of state. It is also used as a generic term for any member of a guards unit of any rank.

Who owns Guardsman Jamaica?

Kenneth “Kenny” Benjamin
This week’s Q10 features Kenneth “Kenny” Benjamin, founder and executive chairman of Guardsman Group of Companies. Kenny’s love for animals is the basis for the creation of his security empire, a business that started with just a pair of dogs.

How old is guardsman?

The company began as Brinks Jamaica Limited on August 24, 1965 with six clients, one truck, and no vault. Fifty years later, Guardsman Armoured has six vaults in four branches and more than 500 employees and 75 armoured trucks.

Who is the owner of Guardsman tire company?

Guardsman is an exclusive vehicle tire line owned by Sears. The company outsources the production of these tires from a number of companies. A number of manufacturers are linked with the brand like Omni, Radar, Copper and Bridgestone.

What are the advantages of having a guardsman tire?

Here are some of the top benefits or advantages when you fit a Guardsman on your vehicle: An all-season tire. These tires are designed to endure all the changing seasons. It only means there’s no longer need to change tires. No need to buy extra accessories and these can be used all year round.

What kind of tires are on sale at Sears?

Whether it’s for a car, truck or SUV, you’ll find the best automobile tires for your ride at Sears. With top of the line brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Continental, enjoy a gentle and steady ride no matter how rough the road is ahead.

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