Who originally sang Owner of a Lonely Heart?

Who originally sang Owner of a Lonely Heart?

Owner of a Lonely Heart

“Owner of a Lonely Heart”
Songwriter(s) Trevor Rabin Jon Anderson Chris Squire Trevor Horn
Producer(s) Trevor Horn
Yes singles chronology
“Into the Lens” (1980) “Owner of a Lonely Heart” (1983) “Leave It” (1984)

What year did yes Owner of a Lonely Heart?

Owner of a Lonely Heart/Released

Why did yes Make Owner of a Lonely Heart?

This song describes the paradox of loneliness. Once you’ve been hurt, loneliness is better than a broken heart. This is the first single from 90125, and was the group’s one and only #1 charting hit. This was a different variation of the band, however, and they weren’t opposed to chasing a hit.

Who is the lead singer of Yes?

Jon Anderson
Jon DavisonTrevor HornBenoît David
Yes/Lead singers

Yes are an English progressive rock band formed in London in 1968 by singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Peter Banks, keyboardist Tony Kaye and drummer Bill Bruford. The band has undergone numerous formations throughout its history; nineteen musicians have been full-time members.

Who did Trevor Horn produce?

He is best known for his production work in the 1980s, and for being one half of the new wave band the Buggles (with Geoff Downes).

What does it mean to be lonely at heart?

adjective. of or for people seeking counseling or companionship to bring love or romance into their lives: a lonely-hearts column in the newspaper.

Who is in YES currently?

List of Yes band members

Genres Progressive rock
Years active 1968–1981, 1983–present
Members Steve Howe Alan White Geoff Downes Billy Sherwood Jon Davison

Who is in Yes currently?

How rich is Jon Anderson?

Jon Anderson net worth: Jon Anderson is an English singer-songwriter and musician who has a net worth of $12 million dollars. John Anderson was born in Accrington, Lancashire, England in October 1944. He is best known as the former lead vocalist for the band Yes. He started off playing the washboard in school.

How old is Trevor Horn?

72 years (July 15, 1949)
Trevor Horn/Age

What albums did Trevor Horn produce?

Art of Noise

  • Who’s Afraid of the Art of Noise?, 1984.
  • Daft, 1986 (compilation)
  • The Seduction of Claude Debussy, 1999.
  • Reduction, 2000.
  • Reconstructed, 2004.
  • Daft as a Brush!, 2019.
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