Are Rock tamers good?

Are Rock tamers good?

5.0 out of 5 starsRock Tamers failure. This product overall is excellent. I called Rock Tamers support with concerns about the distance. Of the exhaust pipe on this truck and the RT mud flap.

Are rock tamers adjustable?

ROCK TAMERS™ are the premiere “Adjustable and Removable” Mudflap System designed to provide the ultimate protection for your towables from damage caused by rocks and road debris.

Where are rock tamers made?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Rock Tamers
Model ‎00108
Item Weight ‎32.2 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎25.75 x 3.25 x 25.1 inches
Country of Origin ‎China

How wide are rock tamers?

Rock Tamers are adjustable to fit your specific vehicle’s wheelbase. The mats move horizontally along the support rods and expand from 68-1/4″ to 97-3/4″ wide.

How high should rock tamers be off the ground?

3-4 inches
*How far off the ground should my flaps be? score marks on the back with a utility blade) to 3-4 inches above the ground WITH your towable attached. You want the tongue weight of your towable to load the suspension and give you the lowest possible height.

What is a stone stomper?

Stone Stomper is an Australian-made product, designed and created for tough Australian outback conditions. Born in 2009, Stone Stomper is a trapeze-style stone guard that not only protects the front of your van and rear of your car but also the A-frame of your van along with the important cables located on it.

How much does a stone Stomper cost?

A Stone Stomper will set you back $590 plus $50 delivery.

Where is Stone Stomper located?

South Australia
Stone Stomper has been produced in South Australia for the past 10 years.

What kind of mud flaps do Rock Tamers use?

Three eights of an inch thick and made from Aluminum, Rubber, and Steel, the Rock Tamers Mud Flaps really live up to their name. Two widths available, these mud guards install easily on any 2.5” ball mount and come backed by a 1-Year Warranty. Plus, with the name printed right there on the weights of each flap, these guards look sharp too.

What are the best mud flaps for a truck?

ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps If you want to party like a rock star, a good start is a set of ROCKSTAR Hitch Mount Mud Flaps. Securing themselves to the hitch in the rear of your truck, these extra wide mud mats are also a half inch thick and will stop everything in their path and comes in your choice of two corrosion resistant materials.

Do you get a pop display with rock Tamers?

For those of you looking to pick up Rock Tamers sales from walk in customers, POP displays are available. When you purchase 2 of the 2″ and 2 of the 2.5″ mud flap systems you get a free display that the product can be mounted on. If you have questions on Rock Tamers products contact your Premier Performance sales representative!

Which is the best mud guard in the world?

The Best Mud Flaps. 1 1. Husky Liners Mud Guards. The heavy-duty rubber used to construct Husky Liners Mud Guards will stop any muck or mayhem dead in its tracks. Some 2 2. WeatherTech DigitalFit No Drill Mud Flaps. 3 3. Rock Tamers Mud Flaps. 4 4. Dee Zee Universal Mud Flaps. 5 5. Husky Liners KickBack Mud Flaps.

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