Can you whitewater raft in Arkansas?

Can you whitewater raft in Arkansas?

Arkansas rivers and streams offer something for everyone, from peaceful river floats to adrenaline-pumping white-water rafting. Not during peak season, when the river is not up, you can swim, fish, and float through the rapids.

Where should I raft in Arkansas?

When it comes to family-friendly whitewater rafting in Arkansas, it’s hard to beat Byrd’s Adventure Center on the Mulberry River. Byrd’s has all your Ozark-area rafting needs! If fun, relaxation, and adventure are what you seek, rafting, kayaking, or canoeing on the Mulberry River will provide it all.

Are there Rapids in Arkansas?

Get your adrenaline pumping For a real river rafting adventure, try the Class IV rapids of the Cossatot Falls in the wild and scenic Cossatot River of Arkansas. The Cossatot River is Arkansas’s premier whitewater experience for kayakers and canoeists.

Can you raft the white River?

The White River is full of diverse experiences to suit every taste on a rafting trip. A White River rafting trip is a step back in time following the footsteps of Western history. Born from snowmelt in the Colorado Mountains, the White River meanders over 175 miles to its confluence with the Green River in Utah.

What class Rapids is the Arkansas River?

The Arkansas River through Browns Canyon National Monument is one of the premiere class III whitewater rafting trips in the world. Challenge numerous rapids, while immersed in a wealth of natural beauty and historic landmarks.

Does the Arkansas River run into the Mississippi?

Arkansas River, large tributary of the Mississippi River, rising in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains near Leadville in central Colorado, U.S., and flowing generally east-southeastward for 1,460 miles (2,350 km) through Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before entering the Mississippi 40 miles (64 km) northeast of …

Can you float down the Arkansas River?

Kayaks on the slow meandering Arkansas river definitely have their advantages! They are nimble and easily maneuvered around obstacles. As the water levels go down, a kayak’s ability to float in shallow water allows it to glide over banks and track the deeper channel. The Arkansas river is navigable year-round by kayak!

What you need for a float trip?

Float Trip Gear Checklist

  1. Flotation devices (lifejackets)
  2. First-aid kid adequate for multi-day trip and limited accessibility.
  3. Repair kit.
  4. Air pump.
  5. Enough layers to stay warm and dry on the boat and in camp.
  6. Sunscreen.
  7. Bug spray/headnet.
  8. Dry suit or wet suit for cold whitewater rivers (it can save you if you flip)

What class rapids are on the Arkansas River?

Can you float the Arkansas River in Colorado?

Rafting the Arkansas River is a popular summer activity in Colorado. You can choose from half-day, full day and overnight raft trips on beginner, intermediate and advanced whitewater. River Runners has four locations: at South Main (BV Adventure Hub), at Browns Canyon, at Salida, and at the Royal Gorge.

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